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Jazz Saxophonist, Arnie Lawrence will be dearly missed and I'm fortunate we 
crossed paths.  A great musician and communicator.  My trip to Israel was a 
wonderful experience and opened lots of eyes on what he was all about when 
folks say he was an UNDERGROUND legend. The preivous year Max Roach and 
James Moody travelled there as well.  During all the fighting in ISRAEL 
Arnie was still travelling into those same places teaching students no 
matter what race and danger that surrounded him.  He was well respected by 
Arabs, Jews, and Christians.  We performed in places where most people dare 
not go.  I don't think there was another musician on the face of the earth 
with his gift of communicating with jazz music.  By doing so he took the 
world treasure Jazz to another level to lift "MANKIND'.  Arnie showed the 
world that Jazz music was a better vehicle to communicate with people than 
bombs and bullets.  The United Nations could have used a person of his 
stature sitting in on their negotiations.   Just the thought of how we 
performed in those different places without being harmed showed the respect 
people had for him.  During the height of all the tensions we/musicians 
stayed at the Mt Zion Hotel owned and operated by Palestinians and the club 
"Arnie Jazz Ness" was owned and operated by them as well. It was only about 
1/4 mile from the Holy City of David and King Soloms Temple. I walked to 
the Wailing Wall, prayed for world peace each day and thanked God for 
bringing me there.  Jews and Palestinians attended the club to hear us each 
night without any incidents. They listen, laughed, drinked, ate and sat 
together throughout each performance.  The people loved every moment and 
you could see on their faces that our music touched their hearts and 
souls.   Arnies Band of Angels consisted of Jews, Arabs and Americans.  The 
musicians were superb!  That alone showed the respect they had for him and 
the love they had for the Art Form "JAZZ".  Arnie Lawrence was the 
co-founder of the New School in New York City. It is now one of the best 
learning Institutions of Jazz in the World. Some of today's most prominent 
musicians have attended the New School.

After leaving the United States he travelled to Israel, where he founded 
the International Center for Creative Music, Jerusalem and developed 
satelite programs throughout the region.  His courage and dedication to 
Jazz Music will be dearly missed. Perhaps a University and Monument should 
be erected in Israel in his honor to remind the world of this great human 
being.   Arnie Lawrence's name should go down in history like Bird, Dizzy, 
Miles, Trane, Monk, Ellington, and Basie.

Long live Arnie Lawrence one of the the Greatest Communicators and 
Ambassadors of Jazz Music!

We love you...

George V Johnson Jr.
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