[JPL] 2 Jimmy Smiths 2 Bill Evans etc

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There are indeed two Bill Evans, but Yusef Lateef was born William Emanuel


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We all know there are 2 Bill Evans, 2 Jimmy Smiths, 2 Lonnie Smiths, 2 Benny
Greens, 2 Jo Jones and several other duplication of names in jazz. There are
also 3 Bobby Rodríguezes of prominence, the late Cuban-American Bobby
Rodríguez, "Big Thumb" who played for decades with Machito Afro-Cuban
orchestra, Tito Puente orchestra, Tito Rodríguez band, Alegre All-Stars and
countless recording sessions from the 1940's till his passing just a cupla
years ago. There's the late Puerto Rican Bobby Rodríguez who led an
important NYC salsa band in the 70's & 80's , La Compañía(The Company). He
popularized many Rubén Blades songs, he was a fine reed and flute player who
died young because of cancer. Finally there's Bobby Rodríguez, the
Mexican-American educator and trumpeter out of L A who is still going
strong. In Latin music circles whenever the name Bobby Rodríguez comes up,
clarification is always needed.

Song titles and album titles like book and movie titles are not copyright so
there can be more than one with the same title yet be completely unrelated,
just like names of musicians..........

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