[JPL] Fired Santana aide blames guru's 'test'

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Fired Santana aide blames guru's 'test'

Suit claims job lost over 'consciousness level'

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- A former employee of the New Santana 
Band has accused musician Carlos Santana and his wife of firing him for not 
being "closer to God," according to a wrongful termination lawsuit filed in 

Bruce Kuhlman, 59, said Santana's wife, Deborah, went on a campaign to 
terminate him after her spiritual guru, "Dr. Dan," determined through 
"calibration" tests that Kuhlman was too old to become enlightened, the 
lawsuit, filed on April 13, said.

Kuhlman, who began working with Carlos Santana as a personal assistant in 
1988, was running the band's licensing operation, River of Colors, when he 
was fired in 2004.

Kuhlman seeks more than $100,000 and punitive damages against the couple 
and their businesses, and his lawsuit asks a judge to stop them from using 
Dr. Dan's Neuro-Emotional Technique to "test" or "calibrate" employees.

A lawyer for Santana, a Mexican-born guitarist known for hits such as 
"Smooth," said on Wednesday he would have no comment on the pending litigation.

The lawsuit said Dr. Dan informed Kuhlman during a series of meetings that 
his "enlightenment/consciousness level" was low because of his age, and 
"that the more enlightened a person was, the closer to God he was and the 
better employee he was."

He also accused Deborah Santana of constantly slurring male employees.

Kuhlman said Deborah Santana hired three new employees -- all of them 
female -- after asking Dr. Dan to "calibrate" them over the telephone.

"Dr. Dan would use his wife as a proxy and push down on her arm while 
Deborah told her the person's name and certain things from the resume and 
interview," the lawsuit said.

"Based on this evaluation by Dr. Dan and his measure of the applicant's 
'consciousness level,' Deborah would decide whether to hire them," the suit 

Kuhlman was fired after he missed an appointment with Dr. Dan in April 
2004, and believes he was cut out of about $250,000 in performance bonuses 
from the licensing operation he directed.

Santana, a rock music legend, has toured and recorded since the late 1960s 
when he shot to fame during the Woodstock festival. The Grammy-winning 
guitarist is best known for recording classic tracks such as "Oye Como Va" 
and the recent pop smash "Maria Maria" with guest artists.

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