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Still Another Jazz Show   April 25

Mark Masters Ensemble     “Introduction”
“Summertime”   “A Woman Is A Sometime Thing”
PORGY & BESS   Redefined!     Capri  Records

Catherine Dupuis   “Beginnings”    THE RULES OF THE
Bearheart Records

Eldar     “Round Midnight”       ELDAR     Sony

Amina Figarova     “Hot On The Trail”   “Flight Of
Munich Records

Eugene McDaniels    “Future” “Too Rare”    SCREAMS AND
Genepool Records

Solar   “Remember Rockefeller At Attica”    Aztac

Tord Gustavson Trio   “Tears Transforming”   “Being
There”   “Twins”

Eric Comstock   “Small World”   “The Night Has A
Thousand Eyes”  
NO ONE KNOWS          Harbinger Records

Steve Hobbs   “Blued Swings”     SPRING CYCLE   Random
Chance Records 

Jay Thomas/Wataru Hamasaki with Geoffrey Keezer Trio  
“Malibu Party” 
“Crossroads” ACCIDENTALLY YOURS      McVouty Records

Roz Corral   “Wheeler & Dealer” TELLING  TALES”   
BluJazz  Label

Jay Thomas/Wataru Hamasaki and Geoffrey Keezer Trio   

Anat Cohen  “As Catch Can”    PLACE & TIME    Anzic

Big, swinging and festive is the ambience of the MARK
REDEFINED.  Mark Masters re- arranged this whole
score, so there are elements, brought here that were
not apparent in the original .  The music is
explosive, swinging, straight ahead and  hard core as
Masters utilizes the great artistry of top musicians,
Billy Harper, Cecelia Coleman, Gary Smulyan, Tim
Hagens, Ray Drummond and Joe LaBarbera.   We played
the “Introduction,” Summertime” and “A Woman Is A
Sometime Thing.” Some very modern avant gard elements,
such as in “Gone, Gone, Gone.” There’s some of that
rich tonal quality of Oliver Nelson here, especially
in Nelson’s work with Basie and on his Impulse
Vocalist, CATHERINE DUPUIS  provides a different take
on the classic CHICAGO sixties hit song, “Beginnings”
from her new release, THE RULES OF THE ROAD.  Dupuis
version is more jazzy,  making one believe that it 
was a good  jazz tune all along, with various time
changes and solos by Ted Nash and Bucky Pizzarelli.  
Dupuis  projects an air of sophistication and through
concerted listening you realize this lady knows the
score,  with excellent phrasing and a soft subtle
command of the material.  Pianist Russ Kassoff  is an 
excellent accompanist, providing Dupuis a foundation
from which she excels, especially on ballads,”I
Remember’ and “You Are The World To Me”  written by
Kassofff and Diedre Broderick. 
Katherin Dupuis, Robert Hurst and Joe Gilman, all
graduates of the Indiana University school of music...
What’s in the water at  Bloomington?  Gristle for the
Scarborough Report!
18 year old pianist ELDAR in his debut CD, displays
rare power and commanding presence, performing the
classic late night thriller,  “Round Midnight,” as
indeed,   Eldar goes late night. He has so many throw
away lines that motivate, pining for more Peterson and
Garner.  Eldar has  so much stick and  iconic
pentameter  especially for the jazz classics on the
CD, that’ll certainly time travel back to the fifties
to 52 nd street and  the FIVE SPOT and other late
night smoke imbued bistros of our out - of - body
collective unconsciousness.
The guy next to me in my film noir dream, takes a drag
off his  Lucky, cradling his Cutty in small glass and
says: “Hey did you catch Miles shadow boxing on the
sidewalk?” “No” I say and look over at Eldar and  give
 thanks for taking us there. 
Since Eldar Djangirov is from Kurgestan and Amina
Figarova is from Azerbaijan and Tomasz Stanko from
Poland, what’s this thing about jazz in the Soviet
Union, former and otherwise?
AMINA FIGAROVA begins the next segment of SAJS with
her newest CD, her second, I believe, entitled, COME
ESCAPE WITH ME on Munich Records. Figarova  has a
great feel for post hard bop. Her band is
predominantly European. They visited for a brief tour
last year.  She captivated our jazz taste.  We played
“Hot On The Trail,” a catchy post bop tune and the
more ethereal “Flights Of Fancy.” We use the analogy
of Sahib Shihab, as sort of a bridge to the Euro-
blues -bop prose.  Obviously, there are other
musicians, Dexter Gordon, Don Byas, Kenny Clarke, Thad
Jones, Chet Baker who’ve led to that understanding. 
Listen to the “Baby Breeze” CD,  along with Figarova 
and understand the reason for her popularity here. 
Check out, “Mr T.M.” and you’ll know this,  her second
CD is more straight ahead. As  trumpet player Marcel
Reys becomes more Chet Baker - like.
EUGENE MCDANIELS is next with his newest, SCREAMS &
WHISPERS.  When I draw  comparisons with Gino Vanelli
for his romanticism, Steely Dan, for his irony. And
Jon Lucien for his sensuality this, in no way,  takes
away from Eugene  McDaniels..  I’m just trying to
position - a mission to position... Gosh I deplore
demographics - a bunch of marketers with Masters
degrees, and  they know what we prefer?  
Preferences....just leave it alone,. All the late
night computerized phone calls, pop ups on the
internet, mass mailings and incessant radio/TV
commercials, an insipid repetition that drives us
crazy.  Although there’s a tendency to forgo the
smooth jazz emporium, this’ll  be programming for the
very hip in all of us,  urban to the top ten.  Listen
to “Too Rare,” think of Roy Kral /Jackie Cain, Gil
Scot Heron and Dave Frishberg. We’re saying that this
new Eugene McDaniels is JUST too cool!
The trio,  SOLAR, concludes this segment from their
e.s.t., Bad Plus and Medeski, Martin & Wood. SOLAR is
a jam band.   Since I like the Fugues, I’m partial to
Mingus, “Remember Rockefeller At Attica, 
You nay have a hazy recollection of the Attica prison
riot and subsequent Governor Rockefeller intervention.
What a riot! (Are you jokopmareghdfyh trolry;gedmklkkm
ng me?) Avant-garde  for language. We’re too serious
nowadays... Anyways ! That’s where Mingus
interjects...  Happy Days.  Counter level.   Nowadays.
TORD GUSTAVSON and his trio begin the second hour from
his new ECM release, THE GROUND. Gustavson is a
patient,  quiet pianist , letting the dynamics come to
You listen and learn to trust this man!
 We played “Tears Transforming,” Being There” and
“Twins.”  All of these are examples of celebratory 
restraint, giving time to creep within your inner
consciousness   Reminds me of Frank Kimbrough’s  work
on Palmetto Records.   Tord Gustavson,  Nordic mystic
of the jazz piano. 
ERIC  COMSTOCK , ( no relation to Eric The Red, who
discovered North America in the Middle Ages) is next
with his latest CD, NO ONE KNOWS.  Piano and vocalist 
Comstock is clear, precise and relaxed, dancing on
key, right above the lyrics. And when you hear these
very top gun professional,  Frank Wess, Wycliffe
Gordon, Eric Reed on some, Peter Bernstein, Peter
Washington and Matt Wilson. After listening here,
you’ll  know Eric Comstock would be right at home at
the Carlisle. Or The Plaza.  Not the Plaza with
million dollar condos, sold gold shower curtains, a
marble platform for you to pose for your very own
statue!  What the heck is going on Park Ave, nowadays?
There’s  always the Carlisle!  Eric Comstock is
sophisticated, erudite, stylistic, and  very much into
the lyric!  We played “Small World” and “The Night Has
A Thousand Eyes.”  Eric Comstock’s lyrical
interpretation is magnificent, without  question.  Mel
Tormé  would endorse Comstock with five stars!
Vibraphonist,  STEVE HOBBS concludes this segment from
his new CD, SPRING CYCLE on Random Chance Records. We
played an original, “Blued Swings” with Tom Harrell on
trumpet,  Dave Valentin on flute, Bob Malach on tenor
saxophone and  Bill O’Connell on piano. This is great
post hard bop with the Hobbs crafting some Milt
Jackson licks throughout.   Whether it Septet or Octet
this band is up for the challenge! Label this new
Steve Hobbs as straight ahead, mainstream, providing a
level playing field for  hard bop afficionados!
KEEZER TRIO keep it in the mainstream, reminiscent of
early Clifford Brown and Harold Land.  Geoffrey Keezer
more than aptly plays the part of Carl Perkins. We
played “Malibu Party” by Lenny Niehaus, “Crossroads”
by Tim Collins and “Joy” by Jessica Willaims.  Sounds 
like a West Coast jazz soiree to me!   Wataru, Jay and
Geoffrey have created a superb monster...
ROZ CORRAL teams with Bruce Barth on her latest CD,
TELLING TALES.   This is another superb presentation
with top musicians, flying intro Newark  from
everywhere on the East Coast, John Hart, The 
Grenadier and Ballard  rhythm section, and Steve Davis
and Steve Wilson, sitting on brass and reed. Or in
Fred Hersch sense, “Reeds Of Brass.” We played
“Wheelers And Dealers” by Dave Frishberg. 
Doesn’t she remind you of Carol Sloane?  
Humor me...
You can just hear ANAT and AVISHAI COHEN laughing on
this version of Gerry Mulligan’s “As Catch Can,” Piano
-less moods of the fifties. It’s so catchy and up! 
Remember Mulligan, not the same Mulligan from
Ullysses, but still  a euphoric Mulligan. And I’ll
take a Mulligan anytime, especially if it’s an
approach shot.  
Mark my words, we did this on ANAT COHEN’S new PLACE &
Say good bye Dick!

Dick Crockett
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