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> Every station that programs jazz, as little or as much as they do, 
> should
> have a balanced hourly mix of styles. Ever since jazz radio began 
> vocals
> have always been the most difficult to program IMO as most jazz fans 
> either
> love them or hate them. Vocals are the one style of jazz that causes 
> the
> most responses, positive and negative.  Personally, I can tolerate 
> average
> performances in just about every jazz category except for vocals, I am 
> like
> most fans,  very particular about vocalists, you either have it or you
> don't...no middle ground. Okay, that said why is it as of late we have 
> been
> flooded with an inordinate amount of female jazz vocalists?, most of 
> which
> bring nothing to the table, in fact many are just out n out 
> unlistenable.
> Without pulling out the r-card most of these vocalists all have 
> something in
> common. I realize recently it's vocalists that have $old the mo$t 
> album$ so
> the labels will push vocalists until the market is over run with them 
> which
> doesn't help radio or retail.
> At jazz80-KUVO, 92% of our weekly output is jazz, disregarding quality 
> of
> performance, if I was to attempt to program let's say 80% of the female
> vocalists received, playing 2 vocals an hour, we wouldn't be able to 
> play
> them all. Now what do stations who are part time jazz outlets do? I 
> say to
> record labels and to indy vocalists, enough is enough!
> Another disturbing trend is the increasing amount of live recordings 
> with
> mostly double digit track lengths that have tremendous playing but are
> difficult to program for day parts.
> For years I was known to be highly critical of the artwork and 
> packaging of
> many albums and you know, it worked because over the last year I have 
> seen a
> vast improvement of album's artwork, they are much more radio friendly 
> for
> the most part although there's still room for improvement in some 
> cases.
> There's an old Cuban adage, "el niño que no llora, no mama", the baby 
> that
> doesn't cry-doesn't suckle, so I hope the recording industry hears my 
> cries
> once again.
> Arturo Gómez
> Music Director, Jazz 89-KUVO
> The Oasis In The City
> Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
> Celebrating 20 Years of Public Radio
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> Bud Shank and Phil Woods, plus other news.
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Bill  Moody
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