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Although there are exceptions to be sure, I think a rock or blues fan 
may more likely be turned on to jazz by hearing the raw energy of 
something like a Mingus tune than something sweet like the g man.   At 
least that's been my experience ... if this kind of person doesn't 
think they like jazz they may have been exposed only to "smooth jazz" 
and have never heard the lumpy variety.   It's almost a life-style 
thing... different strokes.....   Jazz is so personal and inclusive a 
concept (note!) it can relate to almost any other kind of music 
depending on who's playing and who's listening.

I used to play a game of mentally picking various "jazz" records that 
could play on each and every of the many radio formats in my market if 
the records just weren't identified as "jazz".   I'm sure you could do 
the same.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

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> I'll give you the benefit of the doubt regarding Diana Krall and Norah
> Jones -- Krall has played and does play jazz (she's no jazz genius, but
> she does know how to swing), and Jones at least has high musical
> standards.
> But as far as Kenny G -- I don't know one pop-oriented person on the
> planet who has traveled over to the jazz tent after being exposed to
> the dangerous sub-musical radiation of Kenny G. Do you?
> On the other hand, I've personally witnessed pop or rock fans go to a
> genuine jazz show by someone on the order of Wayne Shorter, Joe Lovano
> or Jason Moran, and be so turned on by the depth of the music and the
> spirituality, if you will, that it does indeed spark them to
> investigate other jazz.
> Philip Booth
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> From: "Paul J. MacArthur" <wfhbjazz at yahoo.com>
> Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 11:38 am
> Subject: [JPL] Krall et al
>> Diana Krall, Norah Jones, and even Kenny G, bring more
>> people into the jazz tent than Wayne Shorter, Joe
>> Lovano or Jason Moran.
>> Some of these fans who are initiated through Diana et
>> al, as Jae suggested, will only listen to those
>> artists (I have friends who fall into this category.)
>> Some will sample more jazz artists and evenutally
>> enjoy a broader spectrum of jazz (I have friends who
>> fall into this category).
>> Some eventually become hardcore jazz fans. (Who got me
>> into jazz? Herb Alpert, Spyro Gyra and Blood, Sweat &
>> Tears. Alpert, in fact, peaked my interest in the
>> trumpet which sent me to Miles Davis and ... )
>> All three of these members of the jazz tent are
>> valuable.
>> The worst thing any of us can do is dissuade any of
>> these fans from enjoying this incredible form of music
>> by suggesting their taste isn't hip enough or that
>> they aren't good enough for us because they don't
>> listen to the "right" jazz.
>> Then again, what do you expect when The Jazz Police
>> gets involved?
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