[JPL] Ready For A New Topic

Nick Morrison nmorrison at kplu.org
Tue Mar 1 17:22:27 EST 2005

Mercy sakes!  People have been debating The Bad Plus for a year or so
now...and nobody seems to be getting anywhere.  They're a piano, bass and
drums trio playing acoustic music that relies heavily on improvisation.
Well, that's certainly ONE definition of a jazz group, so let's call 'em a
jazz group.

OK, now that that's settled (as if it could be that easy), does their jazz
have a positive emotional impact on you and will putting their music on the
air please your listeners and make your station sound better?  If so, play
them.  If not, move on.  While you're debating the relevance and
credibility of this band, there are dozens of others waiting for you to
review their CD for airplay.  Find 'em, play 'em and have a ball.

Nick Morrison
Music Director

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