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bopndicks 20 picks    March 2005

Kevin Mahogany   KEVIN MAHOGANY BIG  BAND Mahogany
Jazz /WEA
“It isn’t even Spring 
and already 
Kevin Mahogany’s progressive clock 
the year’s best big band swing
not since days of Duke, Basie and Eckstine.
Some say he sounds like one  sweet Joe,
Big Bill and little Jimmie,
back from the other side.”

Dave Holland Big Band    OVERTIME     Dare2 /
Sunnyside Records
“All the music this band performs, should be
cataloged, catagorized and coveted by jazz phonemes 
a stage full of the world’s greatest musicians
 jamming in plain sight, playing endlessly 
for these are the days 
of the worlds best jazz band.”

Caribbean Jazz Project     HERE AND NOW - LIVE IN
Concord Picante
“CJP offers a Tjader Molé, 
wrapped around a steady -eddy 
of soulful modern Latin sophistry
as  vibist Dave Samuels stays
to that liquid molten center
CJP  fans covet  most.”

Russell Gunn     ETHNOMUSICOLOGY    VOL. 4     
LIVE IN ATLANTA    Justin Time Records
“Watch it for Russell has a euphoric radical bent
willing to explore more music idioms, prior to the
baroque was like the free sixties, when the energy was
revolutionized and number 9 was up and at it. This 
Ethnomusicology works
 the blues to Gunn’s music. Other Ethnos to follow, a
construct of other dense intensive Gunn

Marcin Wasilewski/Slawomir Kurkiewicz/Michal
“Trio is lyrical, melodic, experimental, not adhering
to US radio construct.
Could care less, more expansive, free...open with an
different rhythmic 
patterns.  Could it be,  we’ve lost our way to be free
and TRIO will help
us see the light again?  For maximum impact, please
listen to the whole CD.”

Grazyna  Auguscik       THE LIGHT     GMA Records
“Polish American Jazz singer from Chicago,  Grazyna
Auguscik scores another 
in true entrepreneurial  spirit, disregarding the
demopoly marketing strictures 
to  follow  her heart.  This delicate very personal
hand written letter is for those 
who love free expression with a very personal

Concord Records
“Arlen, the quintessential hipster/ song writer is
through superb remastering of memorable performances
from  great jazz artists of the 20th century.” 

Joey DeFrancesco  with  Jimmy Smith    LEGACY  
Concord Records
“Joey De pays respect to the man,
master of the Hammond B-3
jamming together a final time
as Smith leaves  a legacy 
so rich in tone and tenure
a memoriam 
to  happy sighs
and moany  groans
heading out to
the final  never ending
Midnight Special.”

Pat  Metheny Group       THE WAY UP      Nonesuch
The new Pat Metheny Lyle Mays is a symphonic journey
 through urban still life on  Ferlinghetti  freeway 
ride up
a frenetic ebb and  flow through  seeming mundane
daily chaos
 where form matters, meaning  a ‘Life of Riley’ sets a
tone, melody and scale.”

Darek Oleszkiewicz         LIKE A DREAM      
“Darek Oles displays a distinct prominent ‘fat’ tone 
on bass with profound compositional skills 
evident on this album 
 as duets with Brad Mehldau, 
trios with his trio and
quartets of  the L.A. Jazz Quartet,
Darek exhibits  taste with a classical resonance
for his compositions refer a distinctiveness, 
an intimacy that’ll  linger beyond this first

Fred Hersch Ensemble   LEAVES OF GRASS  Palmetto
“One can’t stress enough  the importance of jazz and
the spoken, singing
lyrics of Walt Whitman , hence a quest,  now to the 
City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco
and commune with Ginsberg, Karoac and Ferlighetti,
although more contrapuntal,  they’d enjoy this Hersch
as Humanity Rocks... oxygenating a current airless

Ravi  Coltrane        IN FLUX   Savoy Jazz
“It’s a pleasure listening to this man grow and
develop his own style,
his tone on tenor is very similar to his father’s
ballad styling,
and when it comes his soprano work, he’s moving in a
similar way,  yet
a more individual direction. Dedicated, reserved, 
Ravi’s definitely his own man! “

Abram Wilson       JAZZ WARRIOR    Dune Records     
“ Wilson’ s smooth soft tone on trumpet and vocals,  a
21st century Chet Baker with a special rendition of
Steve Wonder’s “Golden Lady” contemporary bop fusion,
an emergence of pop/bop and hop fixtures into a
contiguous sound. My reflective memory hears  Rod
Temperton, leader of seventies disco fusion band,“Heat
Wave,” Michael Jackson with Quincy Jones , Earth Wind
and Fire, Steve Wonder, Freddie Hubbard and some
inside hip hop action .” Abram Wilson defies the gnome
of jazz complacency.”

Chris Walden Big Band     HOME OF MY HEART      
Origin Records
“When Walden, the  young Dr Kildare of adventurous
composing / arranging gets his hands 
on a MAJOR big band and with the force of his biding, 
produces one of this years best,
mindful of the big band tradition, and performing his
own “ film noir” and a work of Oliver Nelson  with the
care and dedication of a true artisan, there you have

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis   
Palmetto Records
“Dramatic, ethereal and purposeful, LCJO with Wynton
Marsalis take the stage to
perform classic Coltrane and  with “Ellingtonian”
thoughtful  arranging carries A LOVE SUPREME to
another  level.”

Avery Sharpe Trio    DRAGON FLY        JKNM Records
“Spirited, funky, contemporary, Sharpe lays out all
the  ying /yang
formative and tributary  of then- modern music to a
now nu -modern infusionfor 
of delectable smooth funk jazz. DRAGON FLY  has it

Trygve  Seim        SANGAM       ECM
“ Seim has different views - original concepts to
which we’re unaccustomed, 
for he’ll draw you to his world of ideas,  preened
with a strong  ethnic ethos 
of soul,  letting go,  channeling  a different  space
-time into his  jazz life.”

Buyu Ambroise       BLUES IN RED       Justin Time
“Saxophonist Buyu  Ambroise delivers  Haitian
semblance, sophisticated
post hard bop European with a  tenor and trombone
based sound, vital,
exuberant with relevance.  Ambroise is soul of a new
Caribbean  era. “

Opie Bellas       FACES       Bella Blue Records
“Opie Bellas  has style and graceful interlude that’s 
her interpretations are true to the song, especially
with “Born To Be Blue.”
For a lady like Bella to interpret a guy like  Mel
Tormé, is true and blue.
For Bella was born to be blue.”

Russ Nolan       TWO COLORS      Rhinoceruss Music
“Nolan plays  hard bop on an open fire with
sophisticated soul,
a quartet to  meet all expectations, pouring over 
groove charts,
as sand pipers and lemon tarts  no longer apply 
this quartet plays it on the fly.”

Dick Crockett
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