FW: [JPL] Ready For A New Topic

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Thu Mar 3 11:23:07 EST 2005

MS said:

What we do or not play on our programs and why we do or do not play it.
This is a vital subject, and the music of The Bad Plus serves as good an
example as any. I believe we may benefit from more, not less, dialogue
about this, notwithstanding that, as different people give their own
take, a good deal of repetition can hardly be avoided. 

My reply:

I'm totally with Mark on this one.  While I recognize that, on the surface,
we "beat The Bad Plus topic to death", actually this discussion went well
beyond just one band, and struck at the core of some basic programming
philosophies.  I want to remind Lou and others (once more again!) that this
List is a forum for jazz programmers to discuss their
concerns/difficulties/philosophies and share their thoughts.  Although
listeners, musicians and fans of the music are most welcome on the List, at
times these discussions may not be of interest to them, and perhaps a
musician may "not give a shit" (although many do in fact give a shit if
their music gets played on the radio or not).

OK, Tony, I'll take up your lead.  Here is a good disc that recently I did
NOT program, in good part due to lack of space in my currents: Monk's Music
Trio.  Nicely played Monk standards, but no originals.  If an artist is
going to do a standard, I'd like to hear some innovatively new take on it -
otherwise I'll go back to Monk himself.  Our programming is much more geared
to playing new, original compositions - I want to hear (and support by
playing on the air) an artist's own music!...... (as well as some of those
"new standards"....!).

Brad "A Provincial Idiot" Stone
San Jose

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