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I've been a huge fan of radio since I was a child back in the 40s listening not only to Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, Fred Allen and Easy Aces but also gaining a love of jazz through radio broadcasts of the leading big bands from the US and the "live" Montreal transmissions of the music of the Oscar Peterson Trio from the Alberta Lounge and the Louis Metcalf International All Stars from the Café St. Michel.  I vividly remember my excitement 60 years ago at the approach of the first broadcasts of a new radio station in Montreal, that station, CJAD, is one now referred to as a "heritage" station.  It's been quite a stretch between, in 1948, at the age of 13, winning a "junior disc jockey" contest with tracks by Dizzy Gillespie and Woody Herman, on WMMW in Meriden, a small town in Connecticut, to this honour - and to be mentioned in the same breath as Barbara Frum and Marius Barbeau is an honour indeed.

I wish to thank all the jazz musicians for all the wonderful recordings that give me a reason, two days before my 70th birthday, to remain in radio as both host of a weekly two hour jazz show on CKUT and as a researcher for the Dorothee Berryman show on Radio Canada.


Thanks to the members of nominating committee for this honour and to Barry Martin, Peter Sherman and Rob Braide of Standard Broadcasting for allowing me to be part of their team between the years 1972 and 1994.  I must also mentioned some of the broadcasters, who over the years, have been an inspiration, in Montreal Bob Harvie, Len Rowcliffe and George Balcan, on the CBC network, Alan McPhee and in NYC, Riverside Radio's wonderful Ed Beach, my idea of the ideal jazz broadcaster.   Finally, a 1000 thanks to Bill W., who in 1935, the year I was born, began a fellowship that has saved a million lives, mine included.   Merci!


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