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XM 72...BEYOND JAZZ/WEEKLY FEATURES   (7-13 March 05) 
This Monday, March 7th, we'll present another edition of our feature...MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS! on Beyond Jazz featuring an hour of the music of JACO PASTORIUS! Thanks to the good graces of Telarc Records, we'll be able to give you a full hour of some of the great bassist's finest music from his solo career as well as with Weather Report and cuts from the all-star project "The Jaco Pastorius Big Band: Word Of Mouth Revisited." interspersed with some of Jaco's own words as well as his many musical friends and admirers who will shed light on his wonderful career. Listen Monday at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a reply Monday night at 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific. It's MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS! featuring an hour of the music of JACO PASTORIUS! on Beyond Jazz.
This week it's THE KINGS OF THE KEYBOARD... on WEDNESDAY NITE LIVE @ BJ'S! Every Wednesday night at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern spend an hour in the world's only imaginary modern jazz club, BJ's, for rare live performances by the biggest stars of Modern Jazz.  You'll hear music you can't hear anywhere but on XM, and this week we'll feature 4 great artists who's instrument of choice is the 88 black & white keys. You'll hear Chick Corea live in England, Michel Petrucciani live from Paris, George Duke live in Japan and Herbie Hancock live in Los Angeles. It's THE KINGS OF THE KEYBOARD! on this weeks addition of WEDNESDAY NITE LIVE @ BJ'S!
IF IT'S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION!  Every Friday we present an exclusive Beyond Jazz feature that focuses on the moment in jazz history when the music became electric and all the musical influences of the world blended with jazz to create the Fusion Era. Each hour beginning at 7 AM Eastern/4 AM Pacific until midnight Eastern/9 PM Pacific you'll hear a classic fusion piece and get the mojo behind this controversial era in jazz history. IF IT'S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION! on XM 72, Beyond Jazz.
On Saturday, March 12th, Beyond Jazz presents another edition of "WORDS & MUSIC," this one titled "THE YOUNG LION WHO ROARED!"  as Russ Davis spends the day talking to the terrific young trumpet master ROY HARGROVE.  We'll cover his beginnings as the one of the neo-classic jazz players of the late 1980's known as The Young Lions and how he made the transition into a great solo career by delving into Cuban music, funk and hip hop and his collaborations with the greats of jazz and pop music. Interview segments followed by music air each hour beginning at Noon and lasting through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific). It's "THE YOUNG LION WHO ROARED!" featuring ROY HARGROVE on this Saturday's "WORDS & MUSIC!"   
Every Sunday it's the EMAIL REPLY HOUR...from 6-7 PM Eastern/3-4 PM Pacific, Russ Davis spends an hour responding to email messages by playing requested songs, answering listener questions and reading listener comments that have been emailed to him at beyondjazz at xmradio.com .

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