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Still Another Jazz Show   Feb  28 

Joey DeFrancesco  with Jimmy Smith  “Legacy” “Midnight
Special” “Dot Com Blues”    LEGACY    Concord Records

Avery Sharpe Trio   “Swingfield”      DRAGONFLY       
JKNM   Records

Dan Haerle     “Body And Soul”    STANDARD PROCEDURE  
  BluJazz  Label

Sarah Vaughn   “I Gotta A Right To Sing The Blues”  
CENTENNIAL   CELEBRATION 100     Concord Records

Chris Walden Big Band   “Film Noir, Part 1-2-3"
“Here’s That Rainy Day    HOME OF MY HEART      Origin

Grazyna  Auguscik   “For All We Know” “If I Were Blue”
    THE LIGHT       GMA  Records

Fred Hersch Ensemble   “A Riddle Song”  “I Celebrate
“A Child said , What Is The Grass” “A Learner With The
Simplest” “I Exist As I Am”  
 LEAVES OF GRASS       Palmetto Records

Ravi Coltrane    “The Message, Part 1" “Coincide”    
IN FLUX      Savoy Jazz
Avishai Cohen Trio & Ensemble    “Saba”     AT HOME   
RazDaz/Sunnyside Records

Marcin Wasilewski/ Slawomir Kurkiewicz /Michal
Miskiewicz  “Free Bop”

Part II of the Jimmy Smith Wake...Like Ray Charles,
Jimmy Smith was so much a part of my musicology.  
Those wintery groovy nights,  hanging out at the jazz
clubs, hosting a show from “Brokensha’s  on QRS, with
Elmor Leonard sipping a few at the club. And the 
music... after all Detroit was the hard bop capital!
And  Jimmy Smith was a most welcomed guest at Bakers,
Minor Key. Here’s a guy who shaved his ax in a
warehouse in Philadelphia,  then burst on the jazz
scene in the fifties with his spectacular Blue Note
recordings and he’s been a glow ever since!   HENCE a
landmark JIMMY.  Fellow Philadelphian JOEY DEFRANCESCO
teams up with the MASTER “fellow” JIMMY SMITH on this
last very best CD on Concord Records with a cornucopia
of Jimmy Smith., entitled LEGACY. Recorded last year
in Tempe, what makes it so poignant is the cross talk
during the session on “Mojo,” “Legacy” and “Midnight
Special.” Now,  I wish I would’ve  shaked  his hand at
the gas station in Carmichael five years ago, if in
affect that was the man pumping his own gas at the
AM/PM on Marconi Ave.? 
Let me ask you, if you were Jimmy Smith driving a
black Mercedes through town would you pump your own
gas?  Of course you would, because you’re a regular
Smooth sailing  Jimmy, crossing the bar.   We played
“Legacy,” “Midnight Special and “Dot Com Blues.”   
Can’t tell you enough how significant “Midnight
Special” was after an all -  nighter, driving  over
the John C Lodge to the Edsel Ford Freeway, Holland
tunnel from Manhattan, across the Golden Gate to Marin
after hanging with Jimmy Smith. You can’t imagine the
hieroglyph, this man was carrying...
Bass player  AVERY SHARPE and the trio conclude the
first segment  with a groove , called “Swingfield”
from the new DRAGON FLY  CD,. Sharpe is multi
-dexterous on electric,  as well as acoustic bass.
“Swingfield” is smooth  funk;  careful, moving with
urbanity.  Season lightly with a pinch of scat and
along with Sharpe’s pungent picking on electric bass,
you have laid back furtive contemporary funky sound.
Chicago pianist DAN HAERLE and trio begin the second 
segment with “Body And Soul”   from his new release
STANDARD PROCEDURE.   Haerle approaches this classic
with style,  class and originality.   Rhythm section 
of Bob Bowman, bass and Jack Mouse, drums add some
fresh backup and different perspective on this CD with
classics; “On Green Dolphin Street,” “All
Blues,”“Misty,” “Peace,” etc.. You’ve heard these
before other great artist, Hearle arranges them
slightly different with similar soul and feeling.  
Hearle is original not cliché in his conception - like
 exceptional dining, the food’s familiar, but  there’s
something about the company and the cooking that make 
it special!      SARAH  VAUGHN  is next with THE COUNT
 BASIE ORCHESTRA and “I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
from the new Concord release, HAROLD ARLEN CENTENNIAL
CELEBRATION 100.  There were just a few memorable jazz
singers of the twentieth and Sarah Vaughn was one of
them. She’d stand up in front of that BIG BASIE BAND
and  taking no prisoners, she’d move from the high to
the low registers, smooth with a Harlem
sophistication. No doubt she could sing and it’s  most
evident in this compilation. Few others, such as
Carman McRae and Rosie Clooney had the range, command
and style as Vaughn. If you’ve ever witnessed the
Basie Band, in person .  You never forget it! Saw
Frank Sinatra in Detroit with Count Basie in 1967. I
still get goose bumps, thinking about it. Mesmerized 
women wandered up to the stage, standing there -
catatonic- throwing flowers on stage.  There’s nothing
like it! This segment is a look back and a step
forward with music we’d heard but never thought 
sounded this good.  In part, it’s solid musician ship.
The other part is modern technology, either in
remastering as in the HAROLD ARLEN release or post
modern adaptation with the CHRIS WALDEN BIG BAND and
the new Origin release, HOME OF MY HEART.   Walden’s a
young German composer/arranger who’s  made a name for
himself scoring films and TV shows in Europe. Here he
leads a big band in Los Angeles with the top studio
musicians in  the world, thereby  producing an
exceptional CD of modern  big band jazz. You hear it
immediately in his first up tempo version of
“Cherokee.” Sounds like Charlie Barnet, smiling on his
tip toes .  You know you’re in for a real treat!
CAUTION: Careful with the earphones,  this band will
fog up your glasses!  We don’t want you sitting on the
curb in the middle of the night with a smile on your
face! The Police report: “We found him, just sitting
there...smiling.”   Back to the album track...we
played “Film Noir, Parts One, Two and Three.” There’s
so much going on  here, your ‘noirish’  Humphrey
Bogart and Lauren Becall, Elizabeth Montgomery and
Alan Ladd in their “Film Noir” days. Walden projects
all that nuance in this piece.  This CD is filled with
great music. As if they let Shorty Rogers conduct the
Stan Kenton Band.   For kicks, we also played “Here’s
That Rainy Day” and I swear I thought I heard Neal
Hefti in this version. A little up tempo dance -able
with lots of brass.  You  may not know Chris Walden,
now.  You’ll remember him after this...
GRAZYNA AUGUSCIK begins the second hour with her new
CD, THE LIGHT.  Grazyna is one of the most interesting
singers in the world. Born in Poland , who now resides
in Chicago and records on her own GMA label, which
means she creates her own universe, dances to a
different drummer, sings her own songs, ‘does her own
thing.’  We became acquanted with her through her CD
“The River.” She reminds so much of the late 
Brazilian singer,  ELIS REGINA.  So much a life! She
can draw from Pet6er Gabrial and Astrud Gilberto   We
played “For All We Know” was  Auguscik’s reminisces on
the Donny Hathaway version. She interprets with
similar nostalgia and bredth.   Then Chicagoan
Patricia Barber’s “If I Were Blue.” upon which
Auguscik is sensual blue, pacifistic and proudly
interpreting with her charming  accent. If you’re not
familiar with Grazyna Auguscik, for as she grows , you
will be. This has to be her ninth recording. Not
limited by the American Dream  machine, she’s popular
to a select few.  Make sure you’re  another one, for
her mystique  will surround  you, envelope you, make
you whole!    FRED HERSCH ENSEMBLE with the new LEAVES
OF GRASS CD is next. Walt Whitman was a poet we
studied in high school in the fifties , the great 
poet lyricist!   Similar to Carl Sandburg talking of
earth and sky, Chicago and in between,
celebrating...Then the beat poet, Ginsberg , HOWLING
in  the sixties. For each has rhyme, rhythm and beat,
not to  be confused,  left out, proprietary and
abused. For this is assimilation with the Universe! 
Isn’t that what music and poetry is about ?    We
played “The Riddle Song,” and an infinitum Walt
Whitman lyricism. This is a different universe, before
automobiles,  dear friends! I had a poet instructor,
Dave Gitin  say there’s similarity with  poetry and
jazz, Carl Sandburg felt it and Karoac did too!  Fred
Hersch feels the pull,  the lyric, the compromise to
the whole being. Voice  by Kate McGarry and Kurt
The last segment premiers RAVI COLTRANE and his new
CD,   IN FLUX.  We played “The Message Part 1."   He
must’ve been thinking of his dad -  a personal 
message.  Then we played “Coincide” with Ravi playing
the soprano saxophone.  This is a more post modern
refrain - minimal and modal, propelled by a good 
rhythm section with Drew Gress, bass, Luis Perdomo,
piano and Ed Strickland, drums. IN FLUX 	reflects Ravi
Coltrane’s transformation into a remarkable and
distinctive musician.   Bassist,  AVISHAI COHEN is
next with his new release AT HOME with some very good
players, Diego Urcola from Caribbean Jazz Project,
noted drummer, Jeff Ballard, the inventive Sam Barsh
on keyboards.  Cohen has assembled a band that draws
from many international, Mid -  Far Eastern and Afro
Cuban influences.   We played “Saba,” a very exotic
jazz scenario.     Then TRIO is next from ECM with
Marcin Wasilewski.  Slowomir Kurkiewiscz and Michal
Miskiewicz.. We played “Free Bop” off the new CD. Good
tune, reminder of the force and enthusiasm that
Hancock, Carter and Williams apportioned. 
THE NELS CLINE SINGERS conclude this story with dates
at Union Halls, Bar Mitzphas,  threatened by extreme
right guitarists.  NELS is one of the  most
progressive guitarist in North America, most evident
on this CD.
Bye for now.

Dick Crockett
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