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Still Another Jazz Show   Mar 7

Chris Walden    “Cherokee”   “Mulholland Falls” 

Kevin Mahogany     “Centerpiece” “In The Evening”

Bill Banfield    “Striking Balance”   STRIKING  
INNOVA Records

Joey DeFrancesco with Jimmy Smith   “Off The Top”   
“I’ve Got My Mojo Workin”    LEGACY    Concord Jazz 

Ernestine Anderson   “As Long As I Live”    HAROLD

Dave Holland Big Band      “A Time Remembered - The
Monterey Suite”
OVERTIME          Dare2/ Sunnyside  Records

Zack Brock And The Coffee Achievers   “Cold Turkey” 
“This Is Just”
CHEMISTRY    Secret Fort Records

Belinda Underwood    “Later Baby”    UNCURLING     
Muse Rekords

Abram Wilson    “Golden Lady”   JAZZ WARRIOR    Dune

Belinda Underwood    “World Peace Blues”    UNCURLING 
  Muse Rekords

Denys Baptiste   “With This Faith”    LET FREEDOM RING
 featuring Ben Okri
Dune Records

Alon Yavnai Trio     “The Beginning”     PICTURE
THIS...   Bon Rapport Music

Rebecca Sayre       “Who Cares?”      THIS IS ALWAYS  
       Becca Records

Amina Figarova     “Hot On The Trail”   COME  ESCAPE 
WITH  ME     
Munich Records 

All you have to do is listen to this marvelous big
band presentation, and you’ll dig why CHRIS WALDEN is
kicking off this session of Still Another Jazz Show.
Walden knows the history, all the moves from the
fifties to the two thousands. If there was such a
thing as an MOR station in this decadent strapped form
of radio, today., then “Rainy Day In Vancouver,”
would’ve been there on the radio. We really miss so
much good radio  with this current configuration. HOME
OF MY HEART clearly stands alone as remarkable big
band  performance art, Charlie  Barnet , Count  Basie,
Duke, Stan and that West Coast  swinging great Terry
Gibbs  big band.  Chris Walden arranges and conducts
the swinging brass parts in a most powerful way. He
combines original writing along with new arrangements
on film scores- makes boring film tracks into
positively groovy swinging sauries.   “Star Wars” is a
good example. If asked by the studios, this is the
kind of rendition  we’d hear from Cannonball, Dizzy,
and Bob Brookmeyer in  the early years.   We played
“Cherokee” and “Mulholland Falls ” and potentially the
kind of Moten swing we more than expect.  So  we
played KEVIN MAHOGANY BIG BAND next... because CHRIS
WALDEN and KEVIN MAHOGONY have a similarity, A THING
in common. They both like to swing with the best ever,
2005. We played the classic “Centerpiece” a
masterpiece made in big band heaven with Mahogany
shouting it out,  along with alto saxophonist Kim Park
doing backup  chorus and laying down some real nice
solo extraction and Bobbie Shew on trumpet. I’m in
solo seventh heaven. Wouldn’t  you like to play like
Bobby Shew on a  tune so explosive, Kansas City style,
famous for ribs and alto saxophonists and piano
playing band leaders.  Arranger and leader Frank
Mantooth  pays  close attention to the tradition.   
This Basie incline continues with “In The Evening”
continues with Kevin Mahogany in full throated roar. 
Simply stated,  KEVIN MAHOGANY BIG BAND is  a great
CD!   Guitarist,   BILL BANFIELD concludes this thirty
minute segment with the title tune from his new
STRIKING  BALANCE CD.  Banfield  plays the funk very
well, this has all th Nuevo  “Brother’s Johnson”
instrumental attitude. It’s just too damn hot for the
smooth  jazz stations.  WIZ SAYS:  Put the  “bra’
Banfield  in the rotation ...now!
JOEY DeFRANCESCO  with JIMMY SMITH begins the next
segment with two ‘smokin’ tunes from the new LEGACY
CD.  The first is “Off The Top,” no doubt the way
Jimmy Smith wrote it, an on-the -job creation, (we
only speculate to what joy and acumen permeates the
musician mind in full ecstacy.   Joey Dee backs it up
on palatino piano, for Jimmy and Joy are soul mates.
Then we had to play the “Mojo” song witrh Joey De on
B-3 and Paul,’ slow crawl’ Bollenback playing soem
real nice  rhythm guitar.   ERNISTINE ANDERSON from
HAROLD ARLEN is next with her rendition of “As Long As
I Live. ”   Pianist,  Monty Alexander sits in, along
with bass player Ray Brown and Frank Gant.   Ernestine
performs with swing , scat and warmth on this HAROLD
BIG  BAND is next with “A Time Remembered” part III 
from the Monterey Suite on the latest OVERTIME
release.  This is a jazz musicians big band, leaving
ample time and space for extended solos for a dream
team of musicians. We don’t want to name every one of
the all stars.  You know them all and they have  great
‘chops.’ The rhythm section of Dave Holland, Billy
Kilson and Steve Nelson on vibes combine to  best
congeal this marvelous journey, a testament to their
swing -ability.  And special thanks to the leader
chief writer and arranger of this marvelous band, Mr
Dave Holland.  
hour with an interesting new CD called  CHEMISTRY. 
They do interesting blends . “Unchosen” is lyric and
melodic as a Stephane Grappelli -Toots Thielemens
collaboration.  We played “Cold Turkey,” a more jazz
oriented Lou Reed /John Cale electrolite instrumental
version  of “Heroin.” It dances up a “Midsummers Night
Dream”  more because the musicianship is well trained,
reflexsive, adroit.   Good selection. Brock’s electric
violin work is soaring-intense- remarkable. As Jon
Luc-Ponty meets Chuck Palahnuk in “Fight Club.”  (A
happy anarchist quide to the recent future.   We also
played a lovely song, “This Is Just,” with vocalist
Melissa Stylianou. With assorted time signature
beautiful lyric and some bright scat and violin work
with counter vocal as the Swingle Singers, this song
has a great style, as if it were written for an off 
Broadwa playful Romance, as “The Fantastiks,” although
it was ‘off’ THE BROADWAY, it had a long run!   ZACK
BROCK’S  CHEMISTRY is good enough for the long haul,
one of many inclusions in a brightening career. And
don’t forget the keyboard player Sam Barsh.  He had a
major hand in this CD.    BELINDA UNDERWOOD is next if
you please, because this young lady doesn’t need the
directions to Knott’s Landing, Underwood is hip,
young, cool.  The East Coast may have Nellie McKay, 
We,  of the  Left Coast, now have Belinda Underwood.
She has the same honest ‘Kevin Spacey’ quality of a
Blossom d Dearie and Nellie McKay.  For we are
admittedly an old softie for a good home spun hip
lyric. Blair Underwood has that ability with her new
UNCURLING.   Her song “Trees” is positively ecological
, as pianist Clay Giberson creates a seductive
atmosphere,  a majestic song.    We also played “Later
Baby” and Underwood’s lyric is ironic, understated and
charming as McKay.   “World Peace” features scat
vocalization by Underwood, Dave Freisen, bass and
Airto Moreira on  drums with tenor saxophone player
John  Gross.   “Say My Name” is a sensuous love song
with Underwood playing baritone ukulele with
percussion,. She has the unique sadness and sensuality
of  many Portuguese singers .  No wonder Orson Welles
didn’t want to leave Rio in the forties.  Underwood’s
from Oregon, I think... She’s lovely like an Ava
Gardner, a good singer, song writer.   Watch this
Trumpet player,  ABRAM WILSON is next with Stevie
Wonder’s  “Golden Lady.” He sings on this with such
groove and flair, reminiscent of Chet Baker’s fifties
foray into the singing thing.  It worked! And it works
for Abram Wilson , he’s his own man and this
vocalizing on “Golden Lady,” sounding  like the lead
singer of “Earth Wind And Fire.”  Wilson has command
of his lyric and knows where he’s taking us .  For
Abram is the man!  There’s a lot more to this CD than
reported here,   You’ll be impressed. Post hard bop
with a reflective look at 70's - 80's contemporary
music. Wilson will show you a little Monk irony as
well, with “Jazz Warrior,” an Earth , Wind and Fire -
hip - hop version of the original JAZZ WARRIOR on Dune
DENYS BAPTISTE begins the last segment “With This
Faith” from the LET FREEDOM RING!
CD.   The voice of poet Ben Okri  and an inspired
Mingus flair on “ Better Git It In Your Soul,”
diminutive with a more inspired New Orleans wax! The
subtle difference is the attack between trumpet
player, Abram Wilson and trombone player Trevor Mires
in the beginning as opposing forces to Booker Ervin, 
tenor saxophone and Jimmy  Knepper, trombone.   Both 
books are expansive and far reaching in their own
time. Both gospel inspired, “With This Faith, “ is
more  musically diverse and “Better Git In Your Soul,”
more straight ahead.
The multiplex of musical ethnicity  has now expanded
globally.   Israeli pianist,  ALON YAVNAI TRIO is next
with a marvelous CD, PICTURE THIS...  We played  “The
Beginning.” composed by Alon Yavnai. Interesting
player and good writer -reminds me a little of Chick
Corea..   Yavnai uses multi rhythms, mostly Latin,
with taste  and subtle dynamic tonality. His use of
inventive melodic structure is bright and spirited,
bridging a more contemporary jazz world view. He has a
Denny Zeitlin view as well,  when it comes to
interposing blues into a most cosmopolitan motif.
You’ll never get tired of listening to this talented
young pianist. Paquito D’Rivera appears on  this CD.  
  REBECCA SAYRE is next with a George and Ira 
Gershwin tune, “Who Cares.”  Sayre has that fresh mid
western sound of clear channel radio of the early
fifties , where the WOR, WLS, WJR’s dominated the
airways. This is before rock and roll, the very early
days of television, when you’d ride across the US to
the sound of Country Western and Hit Parade Pop.  Ms.
Sayre’;s phrasing is utmost perfection, enterpreting
those great standards written in  the first part  of
the 20th century.  The kind, Glenn,  my dad would sing
around the house, as if he were Bing Crosby. There’s
subtle modernity in  Sayre’s arrangements with pianist
 Beegie Adair and guitarist/ producer Pat Bergeson 
providing that special touch.  AMINA FIGAROVA is next
with a new CD ,  COME ESCAPE WITH ME . This is a
septet of some very good mainstream jazz players.
Along with Amina, Bart Plateau has a lot to do with
the production. Amina wrote and arranged the whole
set. So you can pick up on Figarova’s statement
throughout... She’s a rising talent in mainstream
jazz. Reminds me of René  Rosnes, in her use of
various multi rhythmi, ethnic forms.  Last year she
toured the states with a quintet. Keep your eyes and
ears open for this evolving  jazz talent, Amina
Figarova.    Pianist ONAJE  ALLAN  GUMBS says goodbye
to all on land and sea with his new release, REMEMBER
THEIR INNOCENCE.   We played the “Healing Zone.” A
groovy by any stretch! This is post head - nodding
hard bop of the most unrequited love. Means it’s cool.
Roger Byam plays nice soprano saxophone, almost a
Junior Cook thing on Soprano. (Knowable,  Cook played
tenor.)   Others appear on this CD, Sadao Watenabe on
alto and Gregoire Maret on harmonica on Billy Kilson,
drums on some tunes and on “All I Hear,” with Sharrif
Simmons with the lyric.   What we should, in light of
television observance;  be not so over reactive, 
sugar hyperbolic and  over caloric- colic. The 
Simmons lyric can be comforting, even if ironic, for
the world choice -  for love, death and renewal is an
endless cycle.
Til next time.
Dick Crockett
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