[JPL] Key Largo

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...and, of course a fine performance turned in by Lionel Barrymore. Who was 
the lushy singer that played Robinson's girl friend?


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>I believe the original is  "Sarah Vaughan + 2" on Roulette SR 53118 (with 
>Barney Kessell & Joe Comfort) recorded in 1962.   This version has been 
>reissued several times on various labels including Capitol, Blue Note and 
>Verve.... but apparently it's all the same recording with the duo from 
>1962.  The most recent reissue is in the Mosaic set  "The Complete Roulette 
>Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions"  (disc IV).
>Benny Carter wrote the song - but was it used in the 1948 film based on the 
>Maxwell Anderson play starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren "if you need 
>anything, just whistle" Bacall, and Edward G.Robinson?
>Great flick by the way, one of my favorites but I haven't seen it in many 
>years.  Max Steiner, Howard Dietz and Ralph Rainger are credited for the 
>film music.   Trivia:  Jay "Tonto" Silverheels plays Johnny Osceola.
>Jim Wilke
>Jazz After Hours, PRI
>On Tuesday, March 15, 2005, at 04:16  PM, nlosey at kcbx.org wrote:
>>A listener is looking for the original Sarah Vaughan album, probably
>>on Roulette, that has her version of Key Largo. No compilations or
>>greatest hits. He wants to know the original album.
>>A little help?
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