[JPL] Pronunciation Help, Please

Manuel Jorge Veloso mjveloso at netcabo.pt
Thu Mar 17 04:30:05 EST 2005


I am a Portuguese jazz programmer (and a member of JPML), so I am supposed
to have an idea of how to pronounce the name of the fantastic Bola Sete.

Well, you two have two choices:

If you want to say it in European Portuguese, you could try:

Bola - as in "bowl" (without the last "l") - plus something like "luh"
("bow-luh") / and then "set" (as in "set", a "jazz set", in a club)

If you want to say it in Brazilian Portuguese, you could try:

Bola - also, as in "bowl" (without the last "l") - [only, the two vowels,
"o" and "a", must be very open] - plus (no doubt about it!) something like
"Satch", as in "Satchmo" without the last syllable "mo"».

'Hope this could be of any help!

Adeus! (as in... «goodby!»)

Manuel Jorge Veloso

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> Hello All,
> I'm hoping for help from the Portuguese speakers out there. I just
> the disc of a 1976 Bola Sete concert  "Live at Grace Cathedral" and am not
> sure of his last name. My station manager thinks he heard a Portuguese
> speaker pronounce it <set> (as in set the table for me, please) when he
> him live 20 years ago. My high school Spanish makes me want to pronounce
> <SAY tay>. The NEJRC guide is of no help as he's not listed. BTW....I
> assume the first name is pronounced <BOH luh.> So I guess what I'm really
> asking is how does one pronounce "seven" in Portuguese?
> Thanks in Advance,
>     Biz
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