[JPL] Re: Steve Schwartz on mission statement

Marilyn Harris marilyn at marilynharris.com
Thu Mar 24 15:36:27 EST 2005

While there may not be many heated discussions on programming ideas on this
list, I for one find the playlists and links to articles from other sources
VERY helpful in understanding what's working in markets around the world and
which program directors favor which type of jazz.  Every single day I find
something useful and interesting to me as a composer and musician, and I
thank you for it!

Marilyn Harris
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> From: Steve Schwartz <steve_schwartz at wgbh.org>
> Reply-To: jazzproglist at jazzweek.com
> Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 07:24:46 -0400
> To: JAZZ PROGRAMMERS <jazzproglist at jazzweek.com>
> Subject: [JPL] This List
> Steve Schwartz here playing the Devil's Advocate:
> This is the description of what this List is supposed to be about, as
> printed at the top of the page:
> "After many years of attending radio and music conferences and seminars
> the same thing happens. You get excited about new projects and ideas.
> Suggestions and solutions all run rampant at these events. Within two
> weeks you feel like someone has let the steam out of you. Why? Your
> peers in the jazz radio and music industry are not around you to lend
> that ear, give advice or to let you know they are having the same
> struggles. We all promise to call each other. Sometimes we follow up and
> sometimes we don't. Who has the time?
> This is what the Jazz Programmers Mailing List is for"
> When was the last time anybody here read that Statement? When was the last
> time someone submitted a message about a programming idea (I know Linda's
> message about the 'Jazzistry' project did recently) or problem?
> Has this list outlived it's usefulness?
> Should the Statement be changed to reflect what this List has become:
> A place for us to post our playlists so others can see what we're airing. A
> repository to post articles from other sources written about jazz related
> topics. Outside of the recent Bad Plus "are they or aren't they" posts,
> that's what this List has become.
> I suspect this has all come about because WGBH is about to enter in to two
> full days of Strategic Planning Meetings to talk about who we are and who we
> want to be and how we plan to get there so the subject has been on my mind.
> Your thoughts?
> Steve Schwartz
> Jazz from Studio Four
> Friday , 7p-midnight
> WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
> www.wgbh.org/jazz

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