[JPL] Help on early Stanly Turrentine song...

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Sat Mar 26 10:48:22 EST 2005

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 17:06:37 -0700, Arturo <arturo893 at qwest.net> wrote:

> I was told by a most reliable source, a huge self-professed Stanley
> Turrentine expert, that in the early 60's on a Blue Note album Mr. T
> recorded a latiny tune which is a sequel to Watermelon Man. This person
> would not give me any more details saying that's why he told me about  
> it, so

Did Herbie write this other tune? If not, why is it considered a sequel?  
If he did write it that is more useful information. That would mean that  
the listener is looking for a Herbie Hancock tune recorded by Stanley in  
the early 60s.

Or does sequel mean it was based on or influenced by Watermelon Man?

> that I would conduct a search for the album and song.  Any one here have  
> an

Was this a test from the listener? He knows the answer and he just wants  
you to guess?

Herbie was on Stanley's recording called Joyride, recorded for Blue Note  
in April 1965. Could that be the recording he's looking for?

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> idea which song from which Blue Note album he could be referring to. The
> knowledge of this group and the information shared is invaluable despite  
> the
> criticism of Steve Schwartz on his "this list" post.
> Arturo Gómez
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