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Very good thought provoking comments by Steve, Eric and Linda.  Maybe we should set up a panel to discuss just such issues at the Jazz Summit?  I know we have had similar discussions and events down her in North Carolina.  ALOHA  TomtheJazzman

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Good morning (or whenever...)

I know that I have not been very active on the list.  Life, especially 
family, has had me occupied.

I am motivitated to write because of Steve's question about the mission 
of this list.  I admit that I have been one of the "playlist" posters.  
I have found sending WEMU's lists to this list an easy way to 
disseminate information.  At the same time, I have been lurking, 
reading discussions and articles.  The list is a valuable resource.

Yet, like Steve, I appreciate discussions on radio programming and 
developments at stations.  There are great ideas in our collective mind 
that beg sharing.  What has worked at your station (or on your program) 
to grow the number of people who listen to your station/program and the 
length of time they listen.  How have you developed more loyal 
listeners?  How have you managed to do this and maintain artistic 
integrity?  (I know it can be done!) 

As you may gather, WEMU is also examining who we are and what we do.  I 
don't think it is a bad thing to reflect on your mission, your 
successes and your failures every so often.  It is part of growth and 
maturity.  Like the wise jazz musician, we plan to become better at 
playing the right notes at the right time....and not play too many 
notes!  We are going to refinine and improve our presentation and 

Perhaps some list participants don't wish to share such information, 
espcially the failures.  It's difficult to admit that you might have 
made a mistake with the music and craft you love so much.   So, just 
share your successes!!

We can learn about the best new music, legends of jazz and the best 
practices in radio for jazz through this list.  

As ever, I thank Tony and Ed for their vision with the establishment of 
this list and their efforts with JazzWeek for everyone.


Linda Yohn
WEMU Music Director
lyohn at emich.edu
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