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> Peeps, 
> I can still remember the days of the Gavin with perhaps 4 pages
> devoted to jazz and smooth jazz and a "once per year" meeting of
> stations who could afford to attend the convention (twice if you
> include IAJE).  I also remember the GAVIN in New Orleans where the
> germination of JAZZWEEK began.  We are in a much better place today
> than in the the "good ole days."  Kudos to Tony and Ed for the follow
> through from that session and the reality of JAZZWEEK that we enjoy
> today.  It's good that Steve wrote his post to refocus the panel.  We
> have the opportunity to create the better reality.... That being said,
> here are programming topics I've been working on at WCPN.
> --We recently broadcast a two hour live performance of the Rachel Z
> trio from a local jazz haunt in town called Night Town on a Friday
> evening during my JAZZ TRACKS magazine show (Friday 9-11pm) which
> comprised of two sets.  Prior to the actual live show we pre-recorded
> a 12 minute interview with Rachel which we ran between sets during
> intermission. We surrounded that interview with a couple of minutes of
> information about other upcoming programming in our schedule. That 15
> minute segment gave the musicians an opportunity to take a break in
> between sets.  We re-broadcast the show on the following Sunday
> afternoon JAZZ TRACKS broadcast (Sunday, 1-3 pm). The show not only
> showcased Rachel and her band but it showcased one of our local prizes
> in Night Town.  It's nice to have an opportunity to treat our
> community to programming they won't be able to get anywhere else.  
> We've done this in the recent past with Freddy Cole and Chuchito
> Valdez.
> There are plans to do this with Kevin Mahogany in May.  Kudos and
> heartfelt thanks to all musicians who understand and support the
> mission of public radio on a "local" level and give of themselves
> through their talents.  Not all musicians feel that way and will give
> in this way.  I just thought I'd mention this and for others to take
> note.  We're all in the same boat and each of our survival depends on
> working together, especially in this day and age of Clear Channel,
> Broadcast Architecture airwave control and the ever shrinking rosters
> of major record
> companies.     
> FOOTPRINTS.........
> --We're working on a Wayne Shorter show based around the biography
> written by Michelle Mercer.  If you haven't read the book, I think
> it's fabulous!  I've spoken to some people who don't agree with me but
> I think it's sympathetic to Wayne's story.  It's filled with
> interviews of people close to Wayne and with important information and
> anecdotes about not just his music but his life and creative process.
> I plan to devote two 2-hour shows to Wayne.  The first show will be
> with Michelle Mercer and her treatment of the telling of Wayne's
> story.  The 2nd show will be filled with interviews of people close to
> Wayne (with Wayne, musicians, friends and family) and sharing
> anecdotes about their time spent with him. The show will also address
> some of the holes or other considerations not addressed in the text of
> Michelle's book. 
> We just want to create a nice addendum for people who've read the book
> or just simply want to know more about Wayne.  Of course we'll have
> plenty of the great music he has rendered over all of these years as
> well.
> --I attended a couple of high-energy performances last year.  One was
> with Brian Auger and his Oblivion Express and the other with Billy
> Cobham's Culture Mix.  I enjoyed both shows immensely but it also left
> me with the question of how does one maintain their hearing after
> years of playing at loud decibels?  I've spoken to Dr. Neal Cherian,
> Associate Staff in the Dept. of Neuology and Otoneurology at the
> Cleveland Clinic who gave a lot of great insight to this dilemma.
> I've walked through the process of having custom earplugs made for
> myself and gaining valuable information about how to protect myself
> and my family.  In this show we speak to a couple of club owners and
> with some musicians that have and have not addressed this issue in
> their own professional lives including the results of having or not
> having taken steps to protect themselves.  People don't talk about
> this but we're all involved in a profession where it makes sense to
> take care of your ears.  That concern also has a wider dimension when
> you consider people who work at airports, construction sites, rap
> music and even symphonic music.  It's also pretty cool to pull out Pat
> Metheny's "One Quiet Evening", Geoff Keezer's "Turn Up The Quiet" and
> others as a programming accompianiment.
> There's other stuff going on, but I thought I'd share these ideas with
> you.  If you have any ideas that may enhance what I'm doing, I welcome
> all suggestions.
> Bobby Jackson - Music Director/Producer
> WCPN- 90.3 FM
> 3100 Chester Avenue - Suite 300
> Cleveland, OH 44114
> 216.432.3700 ext. 214
> bjackson at wcpn.org
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> Very good thought provoking comments by Steve, Eric and Linda.  Maybe
> we should set up a panel to discuss just such issues at the Jazz
> Summit?  I know we have had similar discussions and events down her in
> North Carolina.  ALOHA  TomtheJazzman
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> Good morning (or whenever...)
> I know that I have not been very active on the list.  Life, especially
> family, has had me occupied.
> I am motivitated to write because of Steve's question about the
> mission of this list.  I admit that I have been one of the "playlist"
> posters.  
> I have found sending WEMU's lists to this list an easy way to
> disseminate information.  At the same time, I have been lurking,
> reading discussions and articles.  The list is a valuable resource.
> Yet, like Steve, I appreciate discussions on radio programming and
> developments at stations.  There are great ideas in our collective
> mind that beg sharing.  What has worked at your station (or on your
> program) to grow the number of people who listen to your
> station/program and the length of time they listen.  How have you
> developed more loyal listeners?  How have you managed to do this and
> maintain artistic integrity?  (I know it can be done!) 
> As you may gather, WEMU is also examining who we are and what we do.
> I don't think it is a bad thing to reflect on your mission, your
> successes and your failures every so often.  It is part of growth and
> maturity.
> Like the wise jazz musician, we plan to become better at playing the
> right notes at the right time....and not play too many notes!  We are
> going to refinine and improve our presentation and music.  
> Perhaps some list participants don't wish to share such information,
> espcially the failures.  It's difficult to admit that you might have 
> made a mistake with the music and craft you love so much.   So, just 
> share your successes!!
> We can learn about the best new music, legends of jazz and the best
> practices in radio for jazz through this list.  
> As ever, I thank Tony and Ed for their vision with the establishment
> of this list and their efforts with JazzWeek for everyone.
> Linda
> Linda Yohn
> WEMU Music Director
> lyohn at emich.edu
> 734.487.2229
> www.wemu.org

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