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Still Another Jazz Show   March 21

Music of Thad Jones    “One More” “Mean What You Say” 
 “A Child Is Born”    ONE MORE    IPO Records

Steve Venz        “Waiting Fir Relief”    SCOOP   Daal

Connie Evingson     “Nauges”   “Lullaby Of The Leaves”
GYPSY IN  MY SOUL         Minnihaha Music

The Jay Leonhart Trio   “If I Only Had A Brain” “Cool”
COOL          Sons Of Sound Records

Michel Camilo    “Someone To watch Over Me”     SOLO
Telarc Jazz

Kurt  Rosenwinkel     “The Cloister”    “Brooklyn
DEEP SONG         Verve Records  

Avishai Cohen  Trio & Ensemble      “Madrid”   AT HOME
RAZDAZ/Sunnyside Records

Jeff Niess & Ensemble Siete    “Take Five”     

Ron Brendle Trio     “Affirmation”   “Southern Lights”
PHOTOGRAPH        LoNote Records

Abdullah Ibrahim   “Saud”     A CELEBRATION
enja / Justin Time Records

Marcin Wasilewski / Slawomir Kurkiewicz / Michal
“K.T.C.”    TRIO     ECM

ONE MORE...MUSIC OF THAD JONES.   All of good jazz
prodigy  know of
the great  THAD JONES. Charley Mingus upon playing
with Thad Jones, 1953 in Detroit
said to Metronome, “he’s “Bartok with valves for a
pencil guided by God.” 
One may assume that Mingus initiated Thad Jones to the
oracle of  jazz prodigy.   Listen to this CD and
understand how prolific a writer was Thad  Jones.  An
astute member of the royal Jones family of jazz, this
CD will establish for you a Thadeous presence with 
jazz elite among the best of foremost  jazz musicians;
AND HANK JONES.  We planned “One More,” “Mean What You
 Say” and “A Child Is Born.”  You ‘ll hear great
musicians playing Thad Jones bop tunes from the era . 
This is a well constructed CD, by Michael Patterson 
who inately understands  The late Sir Roland Hanna
begins gentle with a open to “A Child Is Born.” one of
the most profound  performances of 2004.  
Bass player,  STEVE VENZ concludes this segment with
“Waiting For Relief” from his new SCOOP CD, beginning
with a rhythmic open,  with Venz ordering up the chord
 line, then guitarist Steve Cotter and saxophone Doug
Webb kicking in  on the chorus. 
Singer, CONNIE EVINGSON begins the next segment with a
great version of Django Reinhardt’s “Nuages’ with part
French and English lyrical version, probably more
correct and more Django than you ever imagined.  
Connie Evingson has the voice, the timber, the
presence, the language to carry this wonderful song
from thirties French bistros to the present. Evingson
has a pear contralto that’ll curl your ears. We played
“Lullaby Of The Leaves, ”accompanied by Seattle’s
PEARL DJANGO with a vibe solo, tute suite by Susan
Pascal.  This’ll  have you slow dancing in film noir
in musty Parisian  basements with Ingemar, Elizabeth,
Ava, beautiful Mata Hari’s prior to the BIG TWO.
Congratulations to Susan Pascal for a wonderful vibe
solo on “Lullaby Of The Leaves.”  Since we’re in this
quirky mood, why not “If I Only Had A Brain” from the
would really be funny if it wasn’t so sad. As W. C.
Fields; “ Ah yes,  a most loquacious  double entendré 
MY DEAR!” For this is the JAY LEONHART  TRIO with
Leonhart on bass, Ted Rosenthal on piano and Joe Cohn
on guitar, playing Charley Christian . To hear Jay
Leonhart scatting to solo bass is all  about the work!
 We also played the title tune to this CD with Jay
Leonhart singing  the
Daddio parts on “Cool” from West Side Story.   When
was the last time you heard “Daddio?” How about
Officer Krupke?  For which JAY LEONHART, TED ROSENTHAL
and JOE COHN are real jive kats!     MICHEL CAMILO is
a remarkable pianist, originally from the  Dominican
Republic, well versed in Caribbean Jazz style, also a
coteré of other jazz influences as evidEnt on this CD
on Telarc Jazz, SOLO. We played the classic George
Gershwin, “Someone To Watch Over Me.” This is popular
Jazz Americana of the forties. Michel Camilo cradles
it,  as if it were a fragile Americana artifact  with
dexterity, awe and respect as anyone from Park Avenue
to Tin Pan Alley would attest. Hence, with this
segment of Connie Evingson, Jay Leonhart and Michel
Camilo, we’ve had quite a run on America’s true music.
The second hour begins with guitarist,  KURT
ROSENWINKEL’S new DEEP SONG on Verve.  It’s all about
reverb and scat with Rosenwinkel.  We played “The
Cloister” and “Brooklyn Sometimes/” Rosenwinkel’s
dream comes from his circuitous writing,  very
distinct sound. Some may call it bop or hop. I hear a
lot of Gabor Szabo in Rosenwinkel’s interpretation.
This CD is special with Brad Mehldau and Joshua
Redman, Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard., most
significantly a heavy outfit.   Hence, the two songs
are magnificently performed. Originality in writing
and unigue sound, a Kurt Rosenwinkel trade mark.  This
is a good jazz CD with writing that transcends regular
water marks. Check out “The Next Step.”  AVISHAI COHEN
is next with an extremely ‘heavy’ “Madrid,” with
superb work by trumpet player Diego Urcola and a very
adept flutist Anne Drummond.  Watch for more from Anne
Drummond.    Vibraphonist,  JEFF NIESS is next with
his new CD, EVOLUTION on Mambo Maniacs Records.  The
tunes are standard classics. The musicians are el
superbo!  Young talented Elio Villafranca, Jeff Niess,
with a ‘killer’ rhythm section. (It’s enough to fire
up my conga habit.) “Little Cigars” de la Tampa es
mucho frio!    We played Brubeck’s “Take Five,” as
interpreted with a Latin tinge by the Niess
aggregation.   Now ,“Take Five “ in Latin is a trip!! 
RON BRINDLE TRIO begins the last segment with two
selections from a recently released CD called
PHOTOGRAPH. Recorded in Charlotte N.C. in 2002, it
features first takes and first looks on original
material by pianist Frank Kimbrough and bass player
Ron Brindle, hence an aura of ‘the real thing,’ or, as
we used to say in early album rock days,
UNDERGROUND-precious because it the first captured in
time.   “Centering” was featured on Kimbrough’s, 
LULLABLUEBYE. We played “Affirmation” and “Southern
Lights,” featuring Kimbrough’s bare bones nostalgia
and optimism. He tells a story, paints a scene, builds
upon a theme. PHOTOGRAPH captures candid early moments
with  musician and song.  Reminds me of authenticity
of British Imports, those halcyon  days of Rod Stewart
and Small Faces.   ABDULLAH  IBRAHIM is next from his
new release on Justin Time records, A CELEBRATION- a
tribute to his 70th year and featuring selections from
his illustrious career. Early years in Capetown
progressive jazz( I recall ,when Hugh Masekela, toured
the States in the mid sixties.) Then those  as
infamous  Dollar Brand, then amorphous  into the
European jazz scene and now his current incarnation as
consummate writer /musician- his own true  sequel.  
We played “Saud,” a duo with Johnny Dyani on bass.
“Saud” is beauty in profound simplicity.
We conclude with the very young talented, TRIO from
Poland  with Marcin Wasilewski, piano, Slawomir
Kurkiewicz, bass and Michal Miskiewicz on drums.  As
you no doubt are aware this is Tomasz Stanko’s band.  
We played the exhilarating “K.T.C.,” a skirting
circuitous theme  with  melodic depth and
A core of which may remind you of those early
Hancock/Carter/Williams days, a.k.a. Miles.  As we
move along,  from Miles to other styles.

Dick Crockett
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