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Nice to see you discovered the joys of well made earplugs. I had my 
first pair made for me back in the late 80's and have never looked 
back. I had a pair made for my wife shortly after we met (12 years ago) 
and she loves hers as well. For some the expense may at first seem 
extravagant but they will last a long time and if you spend any amount 
of time in the clubs the benefits, as you discovered, are invaluable. 
Also the technology has come quite far since I first bought them. you 
won't miss a note of music and your ears will love you for it.

Jeff Turton
WFNX Jazz Brunch

On Mar 28, 2005, at 2:16 PM, Jackson, Bobby wrote:

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>> From: 	Jackson, Bobby
>> Sent:	Monday, March 28, 2005 2:11 PM
>> To:	'jazzproglist at jazzweek.com'
>> Subject:	Valuable resource
>> Peeps,
>> I can still remember the days of the Gavin with perhaps 4 pages
>> devoted to jazz and smooth jazz and a "once per year" meeting of
>> stations who could afford to attend the convention (twice if you
>> include IAJE).  I also remember the GAVIN in New Orleans where the
>> germination of JAZZWEEK began.  We are in a much better place today
>> than in the the "good ole days."  Kudos to Tony and Ed for the follow
>> through from that session and the reality of JAZZWEEK that we enjoy
>> today.  It's good that Steve wrote his post to refocus the panel.  We
>> have the opportunity to create the better reality.... That being said,
>> here are programming topics I've been working on at WCPN.
>> --We recently broadcast a two hour live performance of the Rachel Z
>> trio from a local jazz haunt in town called Night Town on a Friday
>> evening during my JAZZ TRACKS magazine show (Friday 9-11pm) which
>> comprised of two sets.  Prior to the actual live show we pre-recorded
>> a 12 minute interview with Rachel which we ran between sets during
>> intermission. We surrounded that interview with a couple of minutes of
>> information about other upcoming programming in our schedule. That 15
>> minute segment gave the musicians an opportunity to take a break in
>> between sets.  We re-broadcast the show on the following Sunday
>> afternoon JAZZ TRACKS broadcast (Sunday, 1-3 pm). The show not only
>> showcased Rachel and her band but it showcased one of our local prizes
>> in Night Town.  It's nice to have an opportunity to treat our
>> community to programming they won't be able to get anywhere else.
>> We've done this in the recent past with Freddy Cole and Chuchito
>> Valdez.
>> There are plans to do this with Kevin Mahogany in May.  Kudos and
>> heartfelt thanks to all musicians who understand and support the
>> mission of public radio on a "local" level and give of themselves
>> through their talents.  Not all musicians feel that way and will give
>> in this way.  I just thought I'd mention this and for others to take
>> note.  We're all in the same boat and each of our survival depends on
>> working together, especially in this day and age of Clear Channel,
>> Broadcast Architecture airwave control and the ever shrinking rosters
>> of major record
>> companies.
>> FOOTPRINTS.........
>> --We're working on a Wayne Shorter show based around the biography
>> written by Michelle Mercer.  If you haven't read the book, I think
>> it's fabulous!  I've spoken to some people who don't agree with me but
>> I think it's sympathetic to Wayne's story.  It's filled with
>> interviews of people close to Wayne and with important information and
>> anecdotes about not just his music but his life and creative process.
>> I plan to devote two 2-hour shows to Wayne.  The first show will be
>> with Michelle Mercer and her treatment of the telling of Wayne's
>> story.  The 2nd show will be filled with interviews of people close to
>> Wayne (with Wayne, musicians, friends and family) and sharing
>> anecdotes about their time spent with him. The show will also address
>> some of the holes or other considerations not addressed in the text of
>> Michelle's book.
>> We just want to create a nice addendum for people who've read the book
>> or just simply want to know more about Wayne.  Of course we'll have
>> plenty of the great music he has rendered over all of these years as
>> well.
>> --I attended a couple of high-energy performances last year.  One was
>> with Brian Auger and his Oblivion Express and the other with Billy
>> Cobham's Culture Mix.  I enjoyed both shows immensely but it also left
>> me with the question of how does one maintain their hearing after
>> years of playing at loud decibels?  I've spoken to Dr. Neal Cherian,
>> Associate Staff in the Dept. of Neuology and Otoneurology at the
>> Cleveland Clinic who gave a lot of great insight to this dilemma.
>> I've walked through the process of having custom earplugs made for
>> myself and gaining valuable information about how to protect myself
>> and my family.  In this show we speak to a couple of club owners and
>> with some musicians that have and have not addressed this issue in
>> their own professional lives including the results of having or not
>> having taken steps to protect themselves.  People don't talk about
>> this but we're all involved in a profession where it makes sense to
>> take care of your ears.  That concern also has a wider dimension when
>> you consider people who work at airports, construction sites, rap
>> music and even symphonic music.  It's also pretty cool to pull out Pat
>> Metheny's "One Quiet Evening", Geoff Keezer's "Turn Up The Quiet" and
>> others as a programming accompianiment.
>> There's other stuff going on, but I thought I'd share these ideas with
>> you.  If you have any ideas that may enhance what I'm doing, I welcome
>> all suggestions.
>> Bobby Jackson - Music Director/Producer
>> WCPN- 90.3 FM
>> 3100 Chester Avenue - Suite 300
>> Cleveland, OH 44114
>> 216.432.3700 ext. 214
>> bjackson at wcpn.org
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>> Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2005 11:23 AM
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>> Subject: Re: [JPL] Valuable Resource
>> Very good thought provoking comments by Steve, Eric and Linda.  Maybe
>> we should set up a panel to discuss just such issues at the Jazz
>> Summit?  I know we have had similar discussions and events down her in
>> North Carolina.  ALOHA  TomtheJazzman
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>> From: lyohn at emich.edu
>> Sent: Mar 26, 2005 10:34 AM
>> To: jazzproglist at jazzweek.com
>> Subject: [JPL] Valuable Resource
>> Good morning (or whenever...)
>> I know that I have not been very active on the list.  Life, especially
>> family, has had me occupied.
>> I am motivitated to write because of Steve's question about the
>> mission of this list.  I admit that I have been one of the "playlist"
>> posters.
>> I have found sending WEMU's lists to this list an easy way to
>> disseminate information.  At the same time, I have been lurking,
>> reading discussions and articles.  The list is a valuable resource.
>> Yet, like Steve, I appreciate discussions on radio programming and
>> developments at stations.  There are great ideas in our collective
>> mind that beg sharing.  What has worked at your station (or on your
>> program) to grow the number of people who listen to your
>> station/program and the length of time they listen.  How have you
>> developed more loyal listeners?  How have you managed to do this and
>> maintain artistic integrity?  (I know it can be done!)
>> As you may gather, WEMU is also examining who we are and what we do.
>> I don't think it is a bad thing to reflect on your mission, your
>> successes and your failures every so often.  It is part of growth and
>> maturity.
>> Like the wise jazz musician, we plan to become better at playing the
>> right notes at the right time....and not play too many notes!  We are
>> going to refinine and improve our presentation and music.
>> Perhaps some list participants don't wish to share such information,
>> espcially the failures.  It's difficult to admit that you might have
>> made a mistake with the music and craft you love so much.   So, just
>> share your successes!!
>> We can learn about the best new music, legends of jazz and the best
>> practices in radio for jazz through this list.
>> As ever, I thank Tony and Ed for their vision with the establishment
>> of this list and their efforts with JazzWeek for everyone.
>> Linda
>> Linda Yohn
>> WEMU Music Director
>> lyohn at emich.edu
>> 734.487.2229
>> www.wemu.org
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