[JPL] Now's the Time

Sanna Craig sannacraig at usa.net
Tue Mar 29 10:15:50 EST 2005

Hi Jim,

Here's what I came up with:

- The beautiful Johnny Mandel tune, "Time for Love" performed by a number of
musicians, including Stan Getz, Art Farmer, Bill Evans, Eric Alexander and Roy

-  "Three O'Clock Jump" and "Two O'Clock Jump" both by Count Basie as spawned
by his classic "One O'Clock Jump." I checked AMG and saw that Erroll Garner
covered all three of them. Also, Harry james recorded "Two O'Clock Jump."

-  "Three O'Clock in the Morning" by Julian Robledo. Besides the usual
suspects: Paul Whiteman, Guy Lombardo and Mantovani, some pretty hip cats,
like Dexter Gordon and Sonny Clark, who really swung it, as well as other
recordings by Oscar Peterson, Don Byas, Coleman Hawkins and more recently,
Joshua Breakstone, of this beautiful waltz.

-  And finally, "Tico Tico," the fun Brazilian samba written by Zequinha Abreu
and recorded by, of course, Xavier Cugat many times, as well as Tommy Dorsey,
Benny Goodman, the Andrew Sisters, and by the great Charlie Parker as well as
other current jazz cats, Terry Gibbs, Joanne Brackeen and Mark Elf. The
English lyrics -  since I don't know Portuguese, may or may not have anything
to do with the original lyrics - include zany lines about a cuckoo in the
clock and "When he says cuckoo! he means it's time to woo; it's tico time for
all the lovers in the block." 

Have fun,

Sanna Craig
Larry Vuckovich
Tetrachord Music

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OK, here's something I've been toying with, perhaps you'd like to join 

I'm one of those middle-of-the-night guys who keeps the transmitters 
warm, so I'm on when the switch to Daylight Saving Time kicks in - 2 
o'clock becomes 3 o'clock and I get off work an hour earlier this 
Sunday morning.  (I'll have to make it up in the Fall, or course!)

So, I'm looking for appropriate music for the time switch.  Here are a 
few titles I have so far, contribute some more if you have "time"?

Now's the Time
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
I'm Late, I'm Late
Too Late Now
Time after Time
It's Later than You Think   (new Kermit Ruffins)
Late   (old Alvin Batiste)
As Time Goes By

You get the idea....  I'm just getting started but if you have some to 
add, I'd appreciate it.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

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