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Bobby Jackson wrote:

>>--I attended a couple of high-energy performances last year.  One was
>>with Brian Auger and his Oblivion Express and the other with Billy
>>Cobham's Culture Mix.  I enjoyed both shows immensely but it also left
>>me with the question of how does one maintain their hearing after
>>years of playing at loud decibels?  I've spoken to Dr. Neal Cherian,
>>Associate Staff in the Dept. of Neuology and Otoneurology at the
>>Cleveland Clinic who gave a lot of great insight to this dilemma.
>>I've walked through the process of having custom earplugs made for
>>myself and gaining valuable information about how to protect myself
>>and my family.  In this show we speak to a couple of club owners and
>>with some musicians that have and have not addressed this issue in
>>their own professional lives including the results of having or not
>>having taken steps to protect themselves.  People don't talk about
>>this but we're all involved in a profession where it makes sense to
>>take care of your ears.  That concern also has a wider dimension when
>>you consider people who work at airports, construction sites, rap
>>music and even symphonic music.

Jeff Turton wrote in response:

Nice to see you discovered the joys of well made earplugs. I had my first 
pair made for me back in the late 80's and have never looked back. I had a 
pair made for my wife shortly after we met (12 years ago) and she loves 
hers as well. For some the expense may at first seem extravagant but they 
will last a long time and if you spend any amount of time in the clubs the 
benefits, as you discovered, are invaluable. Also the technology has come 
quite far since I first bought them. you won't miss a note of music and 
your ears will love you for it.

My two cents worth, too:

The subject line may seem like I'm trying to be humorous, but protecting 
ones ears is a serious matter. I'm just trying to call attention it. I've 
played in several high volume groups as well as countless listening 
experiences as an audience member. I've been using ear valves since 
1970-something. I'm not sure of the company carrying/making them now, but 
they were called Norton Sonic II ear valves back in the day. They've got a 
fairly soft rubber outer shell with three flanges and a metal cylinder 
contained inside. The cylinder is removable so the rubber part can be 
washed. There's a baffle system in the cylinder that closes off when sound 
pressure becomes too high. Otherwise they stay open so air (and good,tasty 
sound) can pass right thru. You can even hear someone whisper when wearing 
them. I used to test them by having my trumpet player start playing a few 
feet away and walk closer ending up blowing right next to my ear....NOT 
recommended, but they worked like a charm. I could feel the baffles close 
and thus, did no harm at all. I bought my latest pair several years ago at 
a chain sporting goods store in the gun department. They're most likely 
still available at any gun shop as target shooters use them as well as 
the  earmuff type of protection. They're great on stage and as an audience 
member (some people tend to look at you funny if you put on earmuffs at 

I just did a quick Google for them and here's a place to 
start:   <http://www.earinc.com/p1-filtered-sonicvalve.php>

Yes, there are no doubt better products out there and that link even lists 
some, but these do work and have saved my ears more times than I can count. 
I take a set with me to ALL concerts, now. As the boy scouts say: "Be 

Still Hearing After All These Years,

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