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Tue Nov 1 04:03:30 EST 2005

Hi everybody

As many of you know if you read my reports from the trenches - we're doing 
JazzCorner jams on Friday and Saturday nights at Birdland beginning at 1am and 
probably going to 3ish.  We are currently working with Birdland that you will 
receive a percentage of the door (we'll probably charge $10) 


We're taking a full page ad in IAJE conference issue

We may take a full page ad in JazzTimes as well

I've invited the New School for Jazz and Contemporary to invite a few select 
students to join in... this to me, is not only what IAJE is all about, but 
will increase our promotion with their ad mentioning the jazzcorner jams, as well 
as flyers and other promotion at their booth.

You will be able to sell CDs at the Jams.  

So far this is who has signed up and this doesn't include all of the New 
School faculty (other than those folks) it is open only to Jazzcorner clients:

Jan Leder
Claire Daly ****************jam session leader
Bobby Sanabria
Dave Bernstein
Onaje Allan Gumbs
Pete Yellin
Keith Javors
Paul Meyers
Mark Kleinhaut
Rob Schneiderman
Jessica Jones
Joan Crowe
Freddie Bryant
Yoron Israel
Ronnie Cuber
Lisa Sokolov
Andrea Brachfeld
Joanne Brackeen
Greg Skaff
Gary Bartz *******************jam session leader
Jack Mouse
Janice Borla
Steve Turre
Eli Yamin
Akua Dixon
Giacomo Gates ****************vocal jam session leader
Virginia Mayhew
Dick Griffin
Paulette McWilliams
Ron Jackson 
Melody Breyer-Grell
Robin Eubanks    *********** jam session leader
Peter Leitch
Michele Rosewoman
Dwayne Burno
Duke Lee
Matt Jorgenson
If you haven't signed up, please let me know asap.  We need some bassists, 
drummers and trumpets and other horn players.   This is a big risk on my part to 
do it for 2 nights, but I'm willing to take the chance if you are.  If 2 
years ago was any indication, we'll have lines around the block and since there 
aren't any other late night jams that I know of that are sanctioned by the IAJE, 
there should be quite a turn out. 

For those of you who run labels or other services.  Let;s talk about perhaps 
you bringing one of your artists as well.  

I'm excited and I hope you are as well.   
We welcome to Jazzcorner
Gino Stitson
Marco Figueira
Bennie Wallace
Jason Marshall

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