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how can i join jazz corner?
eve cornelious

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> Hi everybody
> As many of you know if you read my reports from the trenches - we're doing
> JazzCorner jams on Friday and Saturday nights at Birdland beginning at 1am and
> probably going to 3ish.  We are currently working with Birdland that you will
> receive a percentage of the door (we'll probably charge $10)
> Advertising:
> We're taking a full page ad in IAJE conference issue
> We may take a full page ad in JazzTimes as well
> I've invited the New School for Jazz and Contemporary to invite a few select
> students to join in... this to me, is not only what IAJE is all about, but
> will increase our promotion with their ad mentioning the jazzcorner jams, as
> well 
> as flyers and other promotion at their booth.
> You will be able to sell CDs at the Jams.
> So far this is who has signed up and this doesn't include all of the New
> School faculty (other than those folks) it is open only to Jazzcorner clients:
> Jan Leder
> Claire Daly ****************jam session leader
> Bobby Sanabria
> Dave Bernstein
> Onaje Allan Gumbs
> Pete Yellin
> Keith Javors
> Paul Meyers
> Mark Kleinhaut
> Rob Schneiderman
> Jessica Jones
> Joan Crowe
> Freddie Bryant
> Yoron Israel
> Ronnie Cuber
> Lisa Sokolov
> Andrea Brachfeld
> Joanne Brackeen
> Greg Skaff
> Gary Bartz *******************jam session leader
> Jack Mouse
> Janice Borla
> Steve Turre
> Eli Yamin
> Akua Dixon
> Giacomo Gates ****************vocal jam session leader
> Virginia Mayhew
> Dick Griffin
> Paulette McWilliams
> Ron Jackson 
> Melody Breyer-Grell
> Robin Eubanks    *********** jam session leader
> Peter Leitch
> Michele Rosewoman
> Dwayne Burno
> Duke Lee
> Matt Jorgenson
> -------------
> If you haven't signed up, please let me know asap.  We need some bassists,
> drummers and trumpets and other horn players.   This is a big risk on my part
> to 
> do it for 2 nights, but I'm willing to take the chance if you are.  If 2
> years ago was any indication, we'll have lines around the block and since
> there 
> aren't any other late night jams that I know of that are sanctioned by the
> IAJE, 
> there should be quite a turn out.
> For those of you who run labels or other services.  Let;s talk about perhaps
> you bringing one of your artists as well.
> I'm excited and I hope you are as well.
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> We welcome to Jazzcorner
> Gino Stitson
> Marco Figueira
> Bennie Wallace
> Jason Marshall
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> jazz
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> artificial boundaries between seemingly different musical idioms. I can't wait
> to hear the CD that comes out of these concerts.&quot; Live in New York is
> that CD. The Winston-Salem Journal's Ken Keuffel says of the recording,
> &quot;I have to believe that Grappelli would have been happy with it, knowing
> that somebody with O'Connor's great talents was carrying his torch
> forward.&quot; 
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