[JPL] Davy Jones brings a smile to my face.....

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Nov 4 15:19:24 EST 2005

Lise ppsted <<<<<<<< On Monday November 14th, Anything Goes with Lise Avery
will welcome vocalist  Davy Jones. >>>>>>

This post tiggered recollection of one of my life's most bizzare moments, as
a teenager in 1968, a group of 3 friends and myself drove from Pasadena to
Anaheim in the hopes of spending an afternoon and evening at Disneyland,
however we were refused admission because being hip, we were dressed in the
garb of the day, long hair, 'fros, bell bottoms, long sideburns, paisley
shirts, wide belts, leather vests etc. Disneyland had a dress code. The
reason this post made me remember that moment is that in one of the episodes
of the Monkees, the boys are sitting around their apartment looking board
when one of the dudes jumps up and declares "Let's go to Disneyland" they
all agree and start running around prepping to leave and as they hit the
door, one of them stops, looks at their attire and says, "we'll never get
in", after a few moans & groans they all sit back down and act bored again.
It was fabulous to see them take a stab at Disney. Shows like the Smothers
Brothers, Laugh In and even the "mainstream" Monkees would do things like
that back in the 1960's, then came All in the Family.

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