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Somehow  the stuff you grew up on always retains a special  significance.

Hey Lise,
Always indeed!  If it didn't, I wouldn't be playing 28 performances  this 
month for seniors, whose physiology seems to change when they hear  "their" 
songs.  I believe there's a key to something important  here: those significant 
songs must be stored elsewhere in the brain from  everything else, because when 
other memories are lost - even completely - the  songs and lyrics remain.  
Significant music can be very powerful as  therapy, lifting the spirit as well as 
getting people to move, not to mention  all smiles I see...  it's quite 
I suppose radio programmers don't often get to see what joy the  music they 
play brings to their audiences.  You should all know how  significant what you 
do really is.
Jan Leder
_www.jazzcorner.com/leder_ (http://www.jazzcorner.com/leder) 

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