[JPL] Playlist * "Jazz on the Terrace" * Monday November 7th * Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Gregory L Fisher jazzviews at yahoo.com.au
Sun Nov 6 00:49:48 EST 2005

This my playlist for "Jazz on the Terrace", Monday
November 7th, heard on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Many thanks to all the fine artists and labels who
support great Jazz being heard in this part of the

Greg Fisher
for Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM
streaming live 24/7 at http://radio.adelaide.edu.au

Monday	7/11/2005	Jazz On The Terrace	Radio Adelaide
Artiste / CD Title / Track Title / Label
Tony Bennett & Count Basie / Together / Anything Goes
/ Flashback
Miles Davis / Mellow Miles / Summertime / Columbia
Tony Bennett & Count Basie / Together / Lester Leaps
In / Flashback
Sonny Criss / Complete Imperial Sessions / After
You've Gone / Blue Note
Tony Bennett & Count Basie / Together / Jeepers
Creepers / Flashback
Josh Workman / Jumpin' At The Border / You're Driving
Me Crazy / Tetrachord Music
Pearl Django / Chasing Shadows / Gypsy-Attle / Modern
Hot Records
Connie Evingson / I Have Dreamed / I've Grown
Accustomed To His Face / Minnihaha Records
*Jay Thomas & Wataru Hamasaki / Accidentally Yours / A
Whole New You / McVouty Records
Harry Watters Quartet / Out of A Dream / Night And Day
/ Summit Records
John Scofield / That's What I Say / What'd I Say /
Bill Mays / Going Home / Comin' Home Baby / Palmetto

* denotes Australian artist(s) on recording


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