[JPL] Ira Sullivan plays Denver, still w/o power in Miami

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Sun Nov 6 16:08:36 EST 2005

The gifted multi-instrumentalist Ira Sullivan, a true musician's musician
has been in Denver all week conducted workshops along with Brad Goode and
gigging in Boulder and Denver. Ira and Brad played Friday and Saturday
nights at Dazzle Jazz Lounge. Born on the same day and city, 3 years prior,
as his good friend, the late Shirley Horn, Ira displayed prowess on trumpet,
flugel, flute, alto, soprano and tenor(he left his bari at home so as not to
have to "lug it around")much to the delight of the audiences for both sets
on Friday and Saturday. Knowing Ira for many years when I lived in Miami it
was great to catch up with this under appreciated talent, it was sad to hear
that his home and neighborhood in Miami are still without power. The silver
lining of the dark cloud is that because of hurricane Wilma, the neighbors
have bonded together and have communal cookouts in alternating back yards
and all are helping each other however they can. November 19th is the date
slated for the return of their power.

Denver has many transplanted Chicagoans and Ira was pleased to encounter
many fans from Chi Town in Denver, some of which he had not seen in over 20
years. Like any other seasoned veteran Ira has stories galore and often
refers to Brad Goode as Red because he resembles Red Rodney so much, in fact
when Red, Brad and Ira would play in Chicago, many thought Brad was Red's
son. Audience enthusiasm on both nights was very high, when Ira and Brad
played "The March of the Toy Trumpet" complete with Brad's brilliant playing
on a toy trumpet while Ira was on muted trumpet, the crowd went into a
frenzy and several folks got up and did an impromptu march. Brad wished he
had 2 boxes of their Toy Trumpet CD on Steeplechase as after the set they
sold out in a NY minute.

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