[JPL] Ira Sullivan plays Denver, still w/o power in Miami

MFT Jazz mft at mftjazz.com
Sun Nov 6 19:57:40 EST 2005

Thanks so much for the update on my dear friend Ira.  He's been a 
mainstay of the annual jazz festival here in Harrisburg, PA.  It is good 
to know that he's surviving the ravages of Wilma with his customary 
grace and class.

You passingly mentioned a Steeplechase disc with Ira & Brad.  Can you 
give me some details?  I'd like to feature it on "My Favorite Things." 

By the way, my daughter once played flute with Ira & Red at a student 
clinic they gave while in town for the Central PA Jazz Festival. That 
was in the 1980's when she was in elementary school. Ira made her feel 
like the star of the show.  To this day whenever I see Ira he always 
asks about her. That's the class and humanity of the guy.


*Russ Neff
/My Favorite Things/
**http://www.mftjazz.com* <http://www.mftjazz.com/>

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