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Russ wrote <<<< Thanks so much for the update on my dear friend Ira.
He's been a  mainstay of the annual jazz festival here in Harrisburg, PA.
It is good to know that he's surviving the ravages of Wilma with his
grace and class.

You passingly mentioned a Steeplechase disc with Ira & Brad.  Can you
give me some details?  I'd like to feature it on "My Favorite Things."

By the way, my daughter once played flute with Ira & Red at a student
clinic they gave while in town for the Central PA Jazz Festival. That
was in the 1980's when she was in elementary school. Ira made her feel
like the star of the show.  To this day whenever I see Ira he always
asks about her. That's the class and humanity of the guy. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ira is a gentleman of the highest order, his retention of names never ceases
to amaze me. While in
Denver ira encountered a KUVO on air host who he hadn't seen in 28 years,
since she moved from Miami where she
managed The Airliner, the jazz spot of Miami in the 70's. Sandy was blown
away with the details Ira recalled when
he was the house band and opening act for the mucho jazz greats that played
that room.

Ira is a world-class talent, screw it, he's a cosmos-class talent having
mastered a myriad of
instruments while remaining in relative obscurity in So Flo as he is a
family man first and formost.
If he had lived in NY the past 40 years he would be held in the esteem of a
Sonny Rollins, Benny Golson
or Clark Terry as far as elder statesman are concerned.

The Cd I mentioned is titled Toy Trumpet on the Steeplechase label under
Brad Goode with Ira on the
entire recording.   SteepleChase 31491  2000

Brad Goode (trumpet)
Dana Hall (drums)
Larry Kohut (bass)
Ira Sullivan (soprano sax, trumpet)

Track Song Title Composer Artist Length
01  Toy Trumpet Scott, Raymond Goode, Brad 4,24
02  You And The Night And The Music Dietz/Schwartz Goode, Brad 8,18
03  I Should Care Stordahl, Axel Goode, Brad 6,26
04  Resolution Coltrane, John Goode, Brad 5,04
05  Serenata Anderson,L./Parish,M. Goode, Brad 5,44
06  Make Someone Happy Styne, Jules Goode, Brad 6,08
07  Invitation Kaper, Bronislaw Goode, Brad 9,30
08  Alone Together Dietz/Schwartz Goode, Brad 9,07
09  I Hear A Rhapsody Fragos/Baker Goode, Brad 6,41

I hope this helps, any friend of Ira is my pal too. Ira owned a Lawn and
Gardening service for many years until just
a cupla of years ago, when I lived in Miami he personally would come out to
WDNA every few months and we would walk to the
back of the station by the railroad tracks and the brush where we had our
sat dish, he would then prune the trees branches
that grow like weeds to ensure he would hear no chirping overnight while
listening to Bob Parlocha. he enjoyed that KUVO
also has Parlocha overnight as he felt like he was back in Miami.

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