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Hi Lee:

Ah yes.  I posted the same query.  Here's some more info:
>From RROnline.com:

 Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005  
Suit Filed Against Sony BMG Over CD Copy Protection

A class action suit has been filed in California over the copy protection technology included on 20 CDs on Sony BMG labels, including Columbia releases Van Zant's Get Right With the Man, Switchfoot's Nothing Is Sound, Neil Diamond's 12 Songs and Amerie's Touch. 

When a Sony BMG CD protected by First4Internet's XCP technology is inserted into a computer, it cannot be listened to or copied unless the user agrees to install certain software. That software installs a "rootkit" that includes files that are ordinarily hidden from the user. Because of the rootkit and Sony's failure to include an uninstaller, some are accusing the label group of resorting to tactics common to virus and spyware writers. Sony has so far released two patches that decloak the hidden files.

The suit, filed by Vernon, CA attorney Alan Himmelfarb, says, "As a result of Sony's failure to disclose the true nature of the digital rights management system it uses on its CDs, thousands of computer users have unknowingly infected their computers, and the computers of others, with this surreptitious rootkit. This rootkit has been responsible for conflicts within computer systems, crashes of systems and other damages.

"These actions by Sony constitute fraud, false advertising, trespass and violation of state and federal statutes prohibiting malware and unauthorized computer tampering." 

The California suit asks that Sony BMG be forced to stop selling the XCP-protected CDs and return its "ill-gotten gains" from sales of the discs to members of the class. Other suits are reportedly on the way, including a possible suit by lobbying group the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

A Sony BMG representative did not comment by R&R's update time.

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> There is a way around this. If you want to talk about it, give me a 
> call at my office number in the signature below.
>>My engineer is up in arms over new protection software on Sony CD's.
>>The story goes if they are played in your PC they install software which
>>harms the computer and we also got a release today that said the
>>software opens your computer up for some new viruses.  Anyone have more
>>information on this?
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