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> Me too Jim, I'm a 25 year Mac user....I guess the Bad Plus was one  
> of the discs. I loaded it ok and have shared it amongst my 4  
> computers with no ill effects.
> Jeff
>> --------------------------------------
>>> This is also the focus of David Pogue's Tech column in the Times  
>>> today.
>>> If you are a Mac user it appears as though this is a non-issue.   
>>> (On a Macintosh or
>>    Linux machine, these CD's play just fine, without any copy  
>> protection.)
>> ........ and people wonder why Mac owners act so smug.  I love my  
>> Macs.
>> Jim

Hi - I too am a Mac user -- since 1986 (Jeff the Mac came out in 1984  
-- remember the Super Bowl ad? -- so while you might be using Apple  
products for 25 years not possible with Mac :-) I had a problem on my  
computer (iBook) with the new Stevie Wonder CD.  Put it in and after  
15 seconds of whirring sounds it was spit out - this happened several  
times and I guess it is not playable on computers.  Curiously enough  
the anti-piracy warning printed on the CD face of Stevie's CD takes  
up twice as much room as the name of the CD!




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