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Bopndicks 20 picks   November 2005

Marty Ehrlich       NEWS ON THE RAIL    Palmetto
A soaring ironic twist,  a rich textural state of
street lingo,
post modern jazz with exotic off  ramps and commuter
of Mingus, Monk, Nelson/Ayler manifestos
and superb classic compositional 
Gershwin, Schuller, Russell and Mulligan
evolving a complete modern jazz calliope. 
That’s how progressive and wondrous this new Ehrlich

Robert Glasper      CANVAS        Blue Note Records   

Melodic, frenetic and original,  this young Glasper 
takes  you by surprise like an afternoon snow storm
tra sforming  to  a sunny day and a coolness 
sending  chills up your spine.   
His awe and reverence for the masters  hones his
skirting riffs, diving seagulls  and a day at the
a Glasper way of staying alive.

John  La Barbera  Big Band     FANTAZM      Jazz
Modern big bands get the picture. 
No gad fly, for  truly original
compositions move  the genre forward.  
Newport had its day, as many great musicians went 
to their last sound checks, 
moving now to the next phase
this LaBarbera is the new craze!
 Enrico Rava     TATI        ECM
Enrico Rava combines a rare comradery with  pianist
Stefano Bollani 
and the superb kicking of the great percussionist Paul
a more than ample trio to portray this day of events,
a rare moment
when emphasis of tempo and technique stand alone.”

Barbara Morrison      Live At The Dakota        2004
Dakota Live
Morrison has that kind of posture of the great ladies
of jazz, with vivacious soul
and  git down attitude of Dame Ella, Little Sister
Esther and Nancy Wilson.
One the best live performances in years guided with
the steady hands of Junior Mance
and sonorous smooth undertones of Houston Person, 
reminiscent of another recording apartheid
released this year of a live 1964  performance with
Joe Williams, Ben Webster and yours truly,
Junior Mance.

Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate      Vienna Nights
       BHM Productions
Fusion merges Brazilian , tango with Guillermo Klein’s
 post Weather Reportage, Zawinul 
with contemporary modems, pieces, bits of mantra of
hallucinogenic African.
What a wondrous sight to see as well as listen... this
2 CD set is exemplary in it’s new world taste and
Ellingtonian splendor!

Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band      RUMBA
BUHAINA      Random Chance Records
This is Machu Picchu Royal apartheid,  Hellena of the
modern way. Fort Apache is the fountainhead of the
Latin post modern bop where the most warm harmonic
flows with Jerry Gonzalez and Joe Ford and grazes
along with  stable mates, Larry Willis, Andy Gonzalez
and Steve Berrios,  mucho mas mole sauce to digest at
one time.

Brad Mehldau Trio        DAY IS DONE         Nonesuch
Almost classical, yet contemporary in language with a
jazz text. Mehldau 
continually enthralls us with his original conception
in musings of Nick Drake,
Lennon /McCartney and Paul Simon. A true modern
Nicholas Nickelby.

Jeremy Pelt       IDENTITY         MAXJAZZ
He possesses almost perfect pitch and command as he
progresses effortlessly
through the changes, especially on ‘Eddies Story,’
almost Saturday 
misty big city nights of nodding old and new masters .
This sort of expertise
is really cherished in the profound intimacy,  like
sex , no one
can really try to describe it.  This ludicrous notion
is ample enough
for the musician to know they have reached the
audience in auspicious candor.
This is Pelt’s best for it’s diversity, color,
tapestry and motion.

Marc Johnson      SHADES OF JADE        ECM
“It’s a marvel when some the world’s best musicians
get together for a session and just play, out of which
comes pure joy. It’s so apparent here, as young lovers
blushing over candor, as Joe Lovano, John Scofield,
Eliane Elias, Joey Baron and Marc Johnson on
contrabass ply their trade with ultimatum and

The Dan Cray Trio        SAVE US!         BluJazz 
They break down the structure of a song and build it
back up with more alacrity
with a Ponce De Leon is some and baroque in others.
There’s knowledge, diversity
and art in this music and  ingenuity for the original,
  This Cray trio music is a wonderful excursion  for
both the audience and the players.”

Wynton Marsalis      LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF TRIBES      
No one sounds closer to Armstrong than Marsalis on
‘Green Chimneys,” with the opening vamp, then
progressive Fats Navarro romps.  This is Marsalis, at
his best.  The more you listen,   the more he holds
his own.  Astounding.  This is the essence of
performance jazz.  A small room of adoring fans and a
band that’ll challenge, and you have a remarkable
performance from the world’s best...Warm Daddy gets in
done and young pianist Eric Lewis does too. How about
that rhythm, Joe Farnsworth and Kengo Nakamura.  Fats
Navarro and Charlie Parker, Art Farmer and Benny
Golson, Miles and Coltrane, Lee Morgan and Wayne
Shorter, Clifford Brown and Harold Land.  All great
trumpet/saxophone tandems. This one,  Wynton and Warm
Daddy ranks with the best!”

Bobo Stenson/ Anders  Jormin / Paul Motian         
GOODBYE              ECM

“This trio has a different pace, could be it’s the
nature of the players from other music freedoms.  Bobo
Stenson and  Anders Jormin  from Sweden and Paul
Motian from New York City, yet amazing congruity  with
other freedoms and  disciplines as a wonderful modern
adaptation to structurally sound  Henry Purcell “
Music For A While,” as Stenson dig into  a romantic
lullaby, “Goodbye, imagining Bill Evans hunched over
stroking his piano and Paul Motian adds a nice touch. 
Captivating, in suspended elegance,  GOODBYE and BOBO
STENSON trio elevates this music to another pure

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis   
DON’T  BE  AFRAID The Music Of Charles Mingus.      
Palmetto Records
“Charles Mingus foray in music composition is well
noted and his live band performance are legendary. 
Don’t be afraid, for this isn’t a Charles Mingus clone

This is more post modern as Duke Ellington taking the
stand at the Plaza. This Mingus is more up town and
mid town then downtown, although the Down towners 
really, really act like, they like it.”

Charlie Peacock            LOVE  PRESS  EX - CURIO    
   Runway Records 
“In case you didn’t know,   Charlie Peacock is a
Sacramento dude with one heck of a new release and 
some of today’s  best jazz contemporary,  sitting
in...doin  what they do... Ravi Coltrane, Joey Baron,
Ralph Alessi, Kurt  Rosenwinkel, Kirk Whalum , James
Genus, etc.. Recorded in NYC, some in Bellevue, Tenn
and various parts of the United States, as well as
Sacramento, cong4rsatulations for the run on down  the
road to Tampa, absock, Leitious obsorb every news day

Alex Budman and the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra     
Alex Budman and others on this San Francisco CD may
not be as well known but listening to this
gives an accurate picture how ‘monster’ talented these
guys really are... There’s a taste of Slide Hampton
and Joe Henderson orchestrations here. Up and down the
coast reflects an eager jazz reflection as there’s  a
very hip elegant  underscore here, with time
signatures reflecting  very hip mist of San Francisco.
I think of old friend Jack Springer,  as he would
positively dig this...”

Amina Figarova      SEPTEMBER SUITE         Munich
“This is a remarkable piece of music;  true,
heartfelt, emotional on such a personal level
and it’s here in a genuine way, where the people in
your neighborhood, your past, know and respect your
feelings, your mourning. This is truly the  core of
jazz,  to fill in all the empty spaces with personal 
nuance and Figarova fully utilizes the idiom.”  
Personal Note: Figarova’s music is especially
meaningful to me as I lost my younger brother this
week, who was a musician and sound man for many
different bands , for Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur and
Warren Zevon.
Donald Crockett was a quixotic character who’d played 
me so well. It was a Laurel & Hardy movie. Him and

Avram Fefer / Bobby Few           KINDRED SPIRITS     
   Boxholder Records
This is the best music- two friends exchanging ideas,
playing along,  challenging each other and I the end a
reconnoiter exchange of very personal ideas. The
language is musical, high end lyrical, like birds
flying,  scattered, in unison.

The Clayton Brothers       BACK IN THE SWING OF THINGS
       Hyena Records
Remember The Brooks Brothers - early Mangione with
brother Sal Nistico.  Step aside for the Clayton
Brothers cause they  got another  brother Terrell
Stafford in on  the mix of this  hard core- leather
jacket - hard bop jazz. Dig this.   Authentic

e.s.t.        Viaticum             215 Records
Swedes have an interesting view of the scheme of
things throughout this CD with the use of time
signature and silence. On the last selection, there’s
a few minutes of silence.   What jazz band would use a
mode of silence as a part of overall expression?  “A
most compatible way of experiencing the Universe.”

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