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Tue Nov 15 09:46:59 EST 2005

Thank you for the kind words!   As this is Dakota Live's first national 
release, we're humbled by the praise and Barbara is thrilled.   We feel that she 
deserves that kind of attention, and hope this CD helps raise her to a new and 
higher level of public awareness and to more fans hearing her great music.   As 
Jim Wilke commented, she's "the real deal."

As you can guess from the CD, recording three nights of Barbara, Houston and 
Junior was a blast.

Lowell Pickett
Dakota Live!
1010 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
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> Barbara Morrison      Live At The Dakota        2004
> Dakota Live
> Morrison has that kind of posture of the great ladies
> of jazz, with vivacious soul
> and  git down attitude of Dame Ella, Little Sister
> Esther and Nancy Wilson.
> One the best live performances in years guided with
> the steady hands of Junior Mance
> and sonorous smooth undertones of Houston Person,
> reminiscent of another recording apartheid
> released this year of a live 1964  performance with
> Joe Williams, Ben Webster and yours truly,
> Junior Mance.

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