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Either/Orchestra "Live in Addis" (ethiopiques 20)

"Astonishing...monumental...the best live album of the year-in any genre"
-Paul Olson, AllAboutJazz.com  http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=19330

"[A] completely remarkable recording...I think the performance of Shellela is actually the greatest example of an ecstatic and informed audience response to supreme jazz in the history of recorded jazz...  give five stars to the audience and musicians both. This recording is the flower of their profound embrace."  -Norman Weinstein, AllAboutJazz.com
Spinning off of Mr. Weinstein's quote, I'd like to take this moment early in the campaign to acknowledge all the stations and all the audience members who have been contributing to the incredible success of E/O's live performances. With fires in France (home of the record label)... the civil unrest in Ethiopia... the recent gigs have been a major mental and emotional challenge for the band and their guest, Mulatu Astatke.  And your overwhelming attendance and the wonderful emails - cards - letters of praise and appreciation make it so worthwhile:

"Amazing, magical." -Marni (Washington)
"That was some kinda show here last Friday!  The vibe in the audience was just pure joy."
-Laura (Washington)
"The concert by Either/Orchestra [in Philadelphia] was wonderful!  Just a
beautiful evening." -Michael Foster, WVUD
"The concert by the way was wonderful!!" -Henoch Derbew, WRCU (Hamilton NY)
"A truly transcendent performance at the Lizard Lounge the other night. I'm looking forward to more..."
- Christine (Cambridge)
BIG acknowledgment to the CMJ Jazz Reporters for breaking the #16 two week Top 20 Chart lock... with this week's jump to #8... Special thanks to those stations giving it both World and Jazz play for swinging your reports the heavier jazz way.
ALSO Special Thanks to the Jazz Week Reporters who in the past have had great respect and admiration for the group... yet found E/O's offerings a bit too 'out' for regular play...  It's such a kick tuning in and listening to "Live in Addis" embraced so heavily.

For those of you who need shorter or less outside tracks, try disc 1 tracks 5, 2, 6, disc 2 tracks 2, 5
And to think it's only just begun.
- Kate.


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