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> Either/Orchestra "Live in Addis" (ethiopiques 20)

Dear Group -

Sorry if I missed something as I used to read JPL posts on Yahoo! and  
that stopped happening on Oct. 9.

Has the ban on promoters posting promotional messages that were to be  
restricted to off-board e-mails been lifted?  I would appreciate  
knowing from the moderator one way or the other.

I congratulate Russ Gershon, an old friend, and the E/O who certainly  
deserve kudos for this phenomenal new CD which I've been featuring on  
my Friday night show at KUVO for several weeks.

But if I and other promoters start posting our thank you e-mails at  
JPL I personally feel the purpose of the board has been violated.

I raised this in a conversation with Garrett several weeks ago when a  
post similar to Kate's surfaced and he thought perhaps one day should  
be set aside for promo posts.  If so Saturday or Sunday which are  
usually slow days might be appropriate.

I'd be interested in reading the opinions of others, particularly the  
radio programmers for whom I was informed by Tony G the list was  
primarily created.

The E/O's CD is indeed a beautiful thing as is the response it has  
been getting from college radio in particular (moved up to #3 in this  
week's CMJ jazz top-40 chart) but with all due respect to Kate, I'm  
not so sure posting hype among our discussions of issues affecting  
the industry, etc. is.



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