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>From  my own perspective, as an eclectic DJ who does not receive promo
service  from the major jazz labels or from many of the indie jazz CD
promoters  either (with grateful exceptions), I have to fight for every jazz
CD I get.  (As I've said in the past - if I get more, I'll play more.) Thus,
I find  these promotional announcements very helpful, as a source of
information on  new material that I don't otherwise hear about, and as a
source for  contacts. As it turns out, Kate Smith has been one of the
exceptions. Due  to her promotional efforts, her clients (and former ones)
have found their  way onto my playlists with some frequency. But I'm not  just
trying to defend Kate here, I'm hoping to point out that for a lot of  us
"little guys", these promotional mailings can be highly useful, for the  DJ,
for the artist, and subsequently for jazz as a whole.
Tom  Bingham

I echo everything Tom says and especially the praise  for Kate Smith.  We're 
not a large station either but I believe we are  important a large community 
of dedicated listeners and purchasers.    Otherwise I wouldn't have been here 
for almost 24 years.
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