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Jerry Atkins and Tom Bingham are missing the point.  This issue is  
not about Kate Smith nor her qualities as a radio promoter or a  
person.  It's about keeping things appearing in the previous JPL  
Digest like requests for personal copies of promos (Jim Eigo to Kate)  
and plugs for one's CDs (Lowell Pickett to Matt Merewitz) OFF the  
board so things like Blaise's request for info about how to get a  
certain CD from Concord, Lois's post RE: the SONY chip fiasco and  
Roy's posting of links to relevant articles can be ON the board.

Tom --  It is difficult to service all on-air hosts as opposed to  
stations but you have just been added to my jazz radio promo e-mail  
list to which I send a weekly "blast" totally inappropriate for  
posting on the JPL.  This serves to notify people of projects and is  
the appropriate place -- outside buying the JPL weekly banner add  
space -- for pitches and hype. If for some reason you do not receive  
a CD you are interested in just write and request it.

Jerry - neither you nor your station are on my promo list but you do  
get sent my weekly e-mail.  To date you have never requested a CD  
from me so I can't be one of your "grateful exceptions."  I wouldn't  
post that promo e-mail at JPL since this is not the forum for doing  
so yet I don't know everyone out there who could merit servicing with  
CDs.  Quite frankly, I feel it is a programmer's responsibility to  
reach out to request service if not receiving product.

One suggestion for Ed:  The Jazz Week site has an area for retail  
info and an area for station info.  Perhaps an  area listing contact  
info for promoters / labels could be created where people can go and  
find out for themselves who the various radio promoters are or which  
labels are being promoted by whom (either on staff or on retainer).



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