[JPL] Promotional Posts On JPL

Dakotajazz at aol.com Dakotajazz at aol.com
Thu Nov 17 10:16:42 EST 2005

I want to apologize for sending a promotional note intended for Matt Merewitz 
to the entire board.   I inadvertently hit "send" without changing to 
recipient line.   I realized immediately what I'd done, but thought that sending a 
note of acknowledgment / apology to the entire board would just compound the 

I appreciate this board and what you all do.   I learn a lot by reading 
things here that have been very helpful with booking at the Dakota Jazz Club, and I 
certainly don't want to add to unnecessary clutter on the board.


Lowell Pickett

In a message dated 11/17/05 4:36:36 AM, MitchellFeldmanAssociates at Comcast.net 

> -------------------------------------------
> Jerry Atkins and Tom Bingham are missing the point.  This issue is 
> not about Kate Smith nor her qualities as a radio promoter or a 
> person.  It's about keeping things appearing in the previous JPL 
> Digest like requests for personal copies of promos (Jim Eigo to Kate) 
> and plugs for one's CDs (Lowell Pickett to Matt Merewitz) OFF the 
> board so things like Blaise's request for info about how to get a 
> certain CD from Concord, Lois's post RE: the SONY chip fiasco and 
> Roy's posting of links to relevant articles can be ON the board.

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