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Next Week on XM's Modern Jazz channel...BEYOND JAZZ

XM 72...BEYOND JAZZ/WEEKLY FEATURES   (21-27 November 05) 

This Monday, November 21st, we'll present another edition of our special
feature...MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS! on Beyond Jazz featuring an hour of
one of the great living masters of modern jazz history and another of
the fathers of the Fusion Era, HERBIE HANCOCK! You'll hear the story of
his most interesting life and career from Herbie himself and with the
good graces of Warner Music a full hour of his wonderful music. Listen
Monday at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 11 PM
Eastern/8 PM Pacific. It's MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS! featuring HERBIE
HANCOCK! on Beyond Jazz.

This week enjoy another edition of our show JAMMIN' JAZZ...JAZZ FOR THE
NEW GENERATION! hosted by Michelle Sammartino.  What's it all about?
Well here's how Michelle describes what you'll hear on the
show..."anything with that "jamband" jazz, acid jazz, brass band, swamp
boogie, funk influenced, booty movin' feel that ya just can't hear
anywhere else." Listen for JAMMIN' JAZZ three times each week...Tuesday
night at 9P Eastern-6P Pacific, Thursday morning at 9A/Eastern-6A
Pacific, and Sunday at 7P/Eastern-4P Pacific. It's JAMMIN' JAZZ...JAZZ
FOR THE NEW GENERATION! with Michelle Sammartino! This week Michelle
features international groove from Garaj Mahal, Fareed Haque solo, St.
Germain, The New Mastersounds and more!

This Wednesday and Sunday, join us for THE SOULBOP BAND IN EUROPE! on
LIVE @ BJ'S! Every Wednesday night at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern and
Sunday at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific you can spend an hour in the world's
only imaginary modern jazz club, BJ's, for rare live performances by the
biggest stars of Modern Jazz.  You'll hear music you can't hear anywhere
but on XM, and this week we'll travel through Europe with the ultimate
all-star band led by trumpet legend RANDY BRECKER and saxophone star
KIKOSKI & STEVE SMITH in a blazing hour of up, fun, funky, jammin' MOJA!
It's THE SOULBOP BAND IN EUROPE! on this weeks addition of LIVE @ BJ'S!

Every Saturday is a chance to get to know the stars of Modern Jazz a
little better with WORDS & MUSIC on BEYOND JAZZ, and this week we'll
present a special show titled "THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF KEYBOARDS!" Join
Russ Davis as he sits down with some of the great players of the piano,
organ, synthesizers and electric piano as they tell the tales that
illuminate their lives, careers and love of playing keyboards. We're
talking Chick Corea, Patricia Barber, Herbie Hancock, Renee Rosnes,
George Duke, Rachel Z and so many more. Interview segments, followed by
music, air each hour beginning at Noon and lasting through Midnight
Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific).  It's " THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF
KEYBOARDS!" this week's edition of "WORDS & MUSIC," on BEYOND JAZZ.

In November XM 72 Beyond Jazz presents a four-part series that takes a
look at the moment in jazz history when jazz became electric and the
music changed forever...The History of Fusion. Join Beyond Jazz Program
Director Russ Davis this weekend for part four, Fusion-The 2nd Decade.
You'll hear from Fusion greats like Pat Metheny, David Sanborn, The
Yellowjackets, The Brecker Brothers, The Crusaders and others and hear
the music of these brave innovators.  Listen Saturday morning at 11 AM
Eastern/8 AM Pacific with a replay on Sunday at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM
Pacific, on Beyond Jazz.
Every Sunday it's the EMAIL REPLY HOUR...from 6-7 PM Eastern/3-4 PM
Pacific, Russ Davis spends an hour responding to email messages by
playing requested songs, answering listener questions and reading
listener comments that have been emailed to him at
beyondjazz at xmradio.com.
Russ Davis
Program Director
Beyond Jazz  
(((XM))) Satellite Radio
111 West 57th Street
Suite 500
New York, NY 10019

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