[JPL] Sam Cooke Radio Special

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I would need a cd.


Larry Dane-Kellogg
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Savannah, GA

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The "Sam Cooke: Bring it on Home to Me" radio special is now done.

For noncom stations with access to the PRSS satellites, an uplink has been
scheduled for Tue, Nov 22 at 15:00 EST (that's 2pm EST in plain English).
This would be the bext way to receive the show in time to air the program
by Thanksgiving.  Otherwise, CDs will arrive in the mail the following

Can you please let me know if you plan to get the show from PRSS or if you
will need a CD?

A brief program description is below, and more details are online at:


Andy Cahn
Cahn Media
cahnmedia at comcast.net


PRSS details:

Program Number: 05-000-00964
Date: Tue, Nov 22, 2005
Time: 15:00 EST
Length: 00:59
Uplink: WA
Channel: A72.7
Mode: Stereo
Contact: Andy Cahn - cahnmedia at comcast.net, 201-386-1736

One-hour documentary details the life and music of Sam Cooke through his
own recordings and commentary his friends, family and friends.

This program features music from throughout his career that displays the
great bredth of his talent before his tragic death in 1964 at the age of 33
- from his gospel roots to his upbeat classic hits, and from his high
energy live concerts to his recordings of late-night mood pieces.

Interview subjects include R&B legend Bobby Womack, Sam's brother L.C.
and drummer Hal Blaine.

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