[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic" WCVF-FM, 11/18/05

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 16:54:41 EST 2005

Somehow, when I sent out my Jelly Roll Pete inquiry earlier today, it wound
up on some lists twice, once from my original post, the other from the Jazz
Programmers List mailout. I received an error message that said that my
message "looped." I have no idea what that means and how it happened. But if
it's anything I did wrong, I apologize. The ghost of Jelly Roll Morton
getting his revenge?
The Peggy Seeger and Ken Waldman discs arrived about 10 minutes before they
made it on-air. This was my only chance to play Waldman's Thanksgiving song
before the day! Peggy Seeger's is too topical to wait.
Today's list:
HOUR #1 - Traffic/Steve Winwood - The Last Great Radio Jam - radio special

HOUR #2 - Peggy Seeger - Legal Illegal - Enough Is Enough

Darron McKinney - What A Friend - Soft Spoken

Ken Waldman - Turkey Gone - Fiddling Poets on Parade

Robert Morgan Fisher - A Life in Music - Built Myself a Greenhouse

Neurons - Wild Men of Borneo - Dance

Joe Bourne with the Gary Moran Trio - You're Looking At Me - Remembering Mr.

Alaadeen - Beneath Where Rivers Flow - New Africa Suite

Admon - Reflections - 4 AM Life

Leslie West - Baby Please Don't Go - Got Blooze

Bob Franke - Thanksgiving Eve - The Other Evening In Chicago

Pearl Django - Trois et Deux - Chasing Shadows

Adam Sweeney - Linden, CA - Places & Names

HOUR #3:

Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius - Magic Fingers - Live Wires

Julia Carroll - The Feel of Departure - 2 Cents (Hey, there's no cents sign
on this keyboard; never noticed that; so I spelled it out)

Jordan Chassan - A Day Like Today - East of Bristol, West of Knoxville

Jelly Roll Pete - Marjie Martin's Blues - self-titled

Johnny Max Band - Ride & Roll - Ride and Roll

Shadrock - Hold It Down - Moving Forward

Bull Fonda Duo - I Could Have Danced All Night - Cup of Joe, No Bull

Deb Talan - Thanksgiving - Something Burning

Sylkydiva - Baby, What's Up - Sultry.Sexy.Sassy.Classy

Leigh Cline - Galatia - CD single

Dudley Saunders - Truck of the Rising Sun - The Independents (various

PK Dwyer Trio - Please Tell Me - Up To My Balls in the Blues

Enekk - Haku riour i timburskog - Fyra Naetur fyri jol

Memphis Gold - Test Drive That Woman - The Prodigal Son

I'll be away from the computer for the next week. Thanksgiving break is the
only time we have to take care of dentists, doctors, and all those other
things we can't do while classes are in session. So while my students are
slaving away on the projects I assigned them, I'll be undergoing a root
canal. They call this a vacation? See you next Friday!

Thanks to all, as always.

Tom Bingham
"General Eclectic"
115 McEwen Hall
SUNY Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

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