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Still Another Jazz Show    November 14

Charlie Peacock      “Super Jet Service” “Dodo’s Whim”
“Be Well Johnny Cash”
LOVE PRESS EX-CURO    Runway Records

Maceo Parker     “ABC”        SCHOOL’S IN       BHM

e.s.t.       “The Well Wisher”        VIATICUM        
215 Records

Nick Drake      “Day Is Done”      FIVE LEAVES LEFT   
   Island Records

Brad Mehldau Trio   “Day Is Done”   “Artis”   DAY IS
DONE    Nonesuch Records

Miami Saxophone Quartet    “Angel”  “Early Autumn”    
Fourtitude Records

Eric Alexander       “Almost Like Being In Love”    
“Search For Peace”    DEAD CENTER
High Note Records   
Alex Budman and the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra      
“Little Prayer”   “Mood For A Time”   INSTRUMENTS OF
MASS PLEASURE           OA2 Records

Marian McPartland with Teddy Wilson     “Stompin  At
The Savoy”  “Interview”    PIANO JAZZ        Radio
Broadcast 11-5-1978     The Jazz Alliance-Concord

Herlin  Riley      “Cream Of The Crescent”      CREAM
Criss Cross Jazz

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis    
 “Dizzy Moods”   “Tijuana Gift Shop”        DON’T BE

Keyboard player,  CHARLIE PEACOCK begins with a most
interesting new CD, LOVE PRESS EX-CURIO.  This is new
techno-jazz , a provocative mix of acoustic and
electronic elements with tasty funk avant gard and
jazz-rock signatures. There’ s contemporary/ serious
tempo here with other intricate funko magic textures.
On one level, it’s very energized disco as in “When
Diana Dance” and on another still higher level,  very
involving, as in “Dodo’s Whim “ with remarkable piano
work by Peacock, and in “Be Well Johnny Cash” in a
electronic modern voluptuous way and with Joey Baron, 
Ravi Coltrane and Kurt Rosenwinkel, these players have
strong  identities with the nu -  modern.    
Peacock has connections with Sacramento, as  resident
and graduate of Sacramento State.
He also is known as an Emmy and Grammy award winning
Christian Contemporary Music composer and producer.
The gospel feel is evident in “Frank The Marxist
Memorial Gong Blues.”
And a down home hip hop run down, “Bucketachicken.” I
thought for a moment it was a vibing Russell Gunn.   
LOVE , PRESS  EX-CURIO is the real deal on the jazz
pop express with just enough avant gard to keep the
intelligentsia very interested and (I’ll predict) will
certainly assist in opening your chakras and help
alleviate those uncomfortable toxins  and that’ll go
over Fitzgerald in your winter pledge drive
Then we just had to play the  new MACEO  PARKER, 
SCHOOL’S IN  CD.  One of those ‘I’m so funky I can’t
stand myself’  retro teen age moments, with the
Jackson Five hit,  “ABC. “ Maceo inspires those R& B
basil cell Big Jay McNeely days . 
(In a fit of nostalgia, I thought I’d call Ted Nugent
for some bow hunting...but, I don’t kill animals,
including squirrels that dart in front of  cars, or
little emulients that slither across your floor. 
Besides Ted may not remember me from those halcyon
days at ABX and the Windsor Intersection when he was
lead guitarist, floor manager and huge iconic bore for
the Amboy Dukes, yes sir, even in those days, just a
prickly little military brat,  but he did turn up
those Marshalls to Mach II decibels...  It goes to
show , ya don’t need elevator shoes to a big man in
tone deaf  rock & roll.)
e.s.t. concludes this segment with “The Well Wisher”
from their new VIATICUM   CD  with an interesting 
sort of  Peter and The Wolf on a sleigh ride,
especially “Eighty Eight Days In My Veins,” with
shades of grey changes with contemporary shades of
earth tones and slight of hand notes, sounds romantic
and imagined avant- gard from  this imaginative
Swedish jazz trio, we’ll say we’ll capitulate, for 
the next time Illinois Jacquet gets it  on call, he
gets it  from the Universe. “Well Wisher” is a frumpy,
bumpy egalitarian Les McCann with blues on borsch.
NICK DRAKE begins the second segment  from his first
and I think his best album, FIVE LEAVES LEFT. Drake is
a lesser known but brilliant British writer, musician,
 folk singer, about  the time of the Beatles. Drake
had an incandescent vision of mortality. Listen to
“River Man” and hear his eternal blissful’  mystery of
life’ eulogy, and be sure to hear Andy Bey’s version,
as well. And be sure to hear Gordon Lightfoot’‘s “The
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald ” and then Drake’s
“Three Hours.”  We played “Day Is Done” for the simple
reason that Drake is once in lifetime,  great.
“Eleanor Rigby orchestration with metaphysical
lyricism .  Just listen to how progressive   he  was
in those days. And how jazz musicians have become
enamored with his work.
As jazz pianist BRAD MEHLDAU shows his predilection to
a e.s.t. fly over  The Continent in “ Knives Out” in
the first and last in Nick Drake as  DAY IS DONE. We
played the title song,  DAY IS DONE and ARTIS, a free
swinging original, ( wisps of Bill Evans, ) offering
Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard ample time to do
their respective dues,  almost like Wynton Kelly, Paul
Chambers and Jimmy Cobb.  Mehldau is more direct- to
the point- with a strong left hand, that’ll
occasionally scurry off in counterpoint,  structurally
nervy and sounding good.
MIAMI SAXOPHONE QUARTET is next with their  new
MSQ is traditional with a fresh modern approach,
including a nice melody on “Angel,” composed and sung
by Jon Secada,  resembling  a Michael Sembello
soul-Latin modernism. And a traditional Ralph Burns
big band, “Early Autumn.” The dancing here is more
extemporaneous and  modern. With Arturo Sandoval
blowing some masterful  abstract. Martha Graham  would
enjoy choreographing this version of “Early Autumn.” 
ERIC ALEXANDER begins the second hour with a new
masterful CD, DEAD CENTER. As far as I’m concerned
this is one of Alexander’s best, but I’m biased to
this blues centered Dexter Gordon purgation -
Antietam.   When Alexander- like Gordon delves into
the reharmonization of  “Almost Like Feeling In Love,
“ there’s an up lifting  blues based center, when Eric
Alexander gets into it, that’s when Alexander’s  R& B 
technique combined with free flowing Chicago cooking
style makes so much. It’s like sucking the marrow out
of a rib bone, You gotta really go for it, to find it.
We played McCoy Tyner’s ballad, “Search For Peace.” 
An important element in this CD is pianist Harold
Mabern, whose ensconced in old school and knows by
feel the progression of jazz. When you listen to DEAD
CENTER, you  hear a progression of music that’s open
and obvious in capable swing, yet circuitous, as this
is what jazz is, a magnificent mystery.
You walk away, satisfied, yet wondering , what did I
just hear ?    As Martha Stewart says: “It’s all good!
next on the agenda with something so nice and free,
called  INSTRUMENTS OF MASS PLEASURE,  much like the
Joe Henderson Big Band with arrangements that are so
very original and progressive and West Coast.   We
played “Little Prayer” and “Mood For A Time.” These
are all west coast guys and they play so very well,
Alex Budman, Leonard Thompson, Tod Dickow, etc. And
the Leonard Thompson. Trio with Lorenzo Farrell and
Brian Fisher on drums.   A miraculous Plan B...One of
those great local big bands with thoughtful heavy
yuoung musicians, who learned their trade well and
have a good young and talented saxophone/producer,
Alex Budman. “In Case Of An Emergency” brings to mind
those swinging hard bop signatures that Budman knows
so well.
Wynton Marsalis  starts the last segment with his
fantastic new LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF TRIBES CD. It’s so
good, because it’s down to earth,  original, just the
way the music should be spoken. Of course one cannot
achieve this energy level , night after night, and
that’s why this is so special so there’s lots of karma
here, proviong once again. When pressed a little,
gloriously Wynton  will play his  Asimov.  Anytime
Warm Daddy is on the stand, that sparks a little
something in Wynton , too, like a Fats and Bird redux,
maybe?   A definite maybe here. This live performance
at the TRIBES will spur many memories of greats, past
and present.  We played “What Is Thing Called Love,”
and if there was ever as score for Marsalis to commune
Armstrong with the ethers , it’s here. And believe me,
he feels it this night at the TRIBES.   It’s so damn
glorious.   The same ersatz, holiness, we feel every
time we leave the building, is right here. The songs
on this CD are long-  endless- a time when you  order
an extra double and tip the waitress,  accordingly.
Since we’re on this jag to immortality, we play a
PIANO-JAZZ segment with MARIAN  MC PARTLAND with the
great TEDDY WILSON with a stride version of “Stompin
At The Savoy.” Then the conversation of Teddy’s life
with Benny Goodman and other  sources , Art Tatum,
Cozy Cole  etc.    Apparently Wilson worked in Detroit
and Toledo at  radio station,  WSPD.   (A side note,
George Storer  owned a number of gas stations in the
twenties called “Speedie Gas,” then bought his first
radio station in Toledo and changed the call letters
to WSPD.) This is a series that Marian McPartland has
been doing on radio for a number of years and Concord
Jazz has released over the last decade or so. The 
repor and interchange in this Cd
is memorable with Teddy Wilson and Marian McPartland,
especially their memories on Billy Strayhorn,
especially “Lush Life.” 
Drummer, HERLIN RILEY is next with his new release 
CREAM OF THE CRESCENT. This refers back to the
Crescent City, the soul of jazz, New Orleans. We
played”Cream Of The Crescent” with Vicotr Goines
performing some memorable pasxsages on clarenets
We conclude with the LINCOLN CENTER JAZZ ORCHESTRA and
DON’T BE AFRAID, Music Of Charles Mingus.. It features
the RCA VICTOR 1998 re -release, BATTLE OF THE BANDS
upon which “Tijuana Gift Shop” and “Dizzy Moods” are
This new version has a more focus as a large
orchestral sound , revealing Mingus remarkable
compositional skills  with some talented musicians,
Ted Nash, Victor Goines, Lew Soloff, Marcus Printup,
Wynton Marsalis, Eric Lewis and Herlin Riley.  This is
a more full Mingus in concert.  Compare it  to the
1958  Mingus version of “Tijuana Gift Shop” from the
1998 RCA cd, BATTLE BANDS and note the difference.
Each one has their own virtue.  Peter Keepnews stated
in the 1998 liner notes that Mingus... ‘achieves the
balance between the written and the improvised.’ 
Til next time.

Dick Crockett
Monday, 10 am & 10 pm
“The Voice” 88.7fm
4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, Ca. 95819-4743

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