[JPL] Holiday Music Programming Timetable

JASS JASSav at comcast.net
Sun Nov 27 09:15:36 EST 2005


Right after T-Day I start playing music from "holiday" albums, but select the non-holiday-specific cuts, for example: Diana Krall's Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep,  or Jane Monheit's (medley) I Love The Winter Weather . . . , and Anita Baker's My Favorite Things, etc . . .   with an increase in songs that are obviously holiday related about mid-December.  We program full days of holiday music on the computer for auto-play during selected times, a couple days before/after Christmas/Hanukkah  (this year's will play Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday), BUT (and this is a separate issue which has come up since the Sony XCP issues), I am very concerned about  disks that I get a disclaimer when inserting the disk into the computer & whether I should just leave these alone.  I've been selecting "I disagree"  & putting the disk back on the shelf.  

Happy Holidays,


Larry Dane-Kellogg
WHCJ  90.3 FM
Savannah, GA


Just wondering if we can get some dialogue on when you will begin to program Holiday Music?  I am already hearing it in malls in piped in music systems.
Thanks ALOHA

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