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Still Another Jazz Show     Nov 28

Either Orchestra    "Amlak  abet  abet "   ETHIOPIA
SUITE   Buda  Musique

Brian Lynch Latin Jazz Sextet     "Tom  Harrell"  
CONCLAVE      Criss Cross Records

Fort Apache Band with Jerry Gonzalez     "Along Came
Random Chance Records

Bill Ransom      "John McKee"   "Dienda"     
GENERATIONS      Bongo Time Productions

Laura Welland    "I've Got A Crush/ Dreamsville"  
"Ridin' High"   DISSERTATION

The Kyle Asche Organ Trio        "The Hook Up"    THE
HOOK UP     OA2 Records

Alex Sipiagin      "Returning"   RETURNING      
Criss-Cross Records

Tineke Postma     "Summersong"    FOR THE RHYTHM    

Amy Banks   "Poetry Man"    WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT   

Tineke Postma      "Comprehension"    FOR  THE  RHYTHM
    Munich Records

Pyeng Threadgil     "Wishing Well"     "Before Day"   
Random Chance Records 

The Onus     "Cariocas"     TRIPHONY       Hipnotic

Mark   O'Connor      "Anniversary"       HOT  SWING 
BAND      Omac Records

Either Orchestra from Cambridge Mass.  begins SAJS
with their new 2 CD package, ethiopiques   live at
Addis Abbaba at the Ethiopian Music Festival, which , I think, means
ETHIOPIAN SUITE.  Since we're not sure of translation,  we'll imagine as
such...Although Imagination  is funny...makes a cloudy day sunny...(as my ex
would say,: "don't get me started!") Back to the music...
We played the opening selection, "Amlak, abet abet" a free open very
percussive rousing piece with Coltrane and Mingus intonations.  The
statement here is back to the roots before New Orleans, with a brief
visitation through the Crescent city, 52nd street and  onto the super
highway of progressive jazz. The CD features Either Orchestra led by Ron
Gershon.  The trumpet solo by Colin Fisher is probably the best for the most
organic synergy  of the year.  Add the Ethiopian purcussion and this band
just ROARS!  If Darwin had a theory on the Evolution of Jazz, it's here in
BRIAN LYNCH LATIN JAZZ SEXTET is next on the set with a new exciting  CD,
CONCLAVE.  Visions of Dizzy Gillespie  and Kenny  Dorham and early and
relevant Afro Cuban hard bop. 
BUHAINA , music of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers  with a Benny Golson
classic, "Along Came Betty." The combo of Jerry Gonzalez blowing l;ike a
Kenny Dorham, Joe Ford's saxophone is always 'right there,' as  well as a
laid back Larry Willis, steady Andy Gonzalez and Steve Berrios, as
always,  Fort Apache is fresh.   
Cleveland drummer,  BILL RANSOM'S new CD kicks off the second segment called
GENERATIONS.  Cleveland's answer to hard bop heaven- the emancipation that
all dues is good dues-no matter what the news! Fact is hard bop roots go
deep in the midwest .  These are all great players from Ohio and environs,
who settle down and groove to  the scene.  This  new Bill Ransom CD is the
real news, prominent local musician, who can cut the mustard with anyone,
here and now in the depths  of deliberation  with other Cleveland players as
prominent and no greater or less than the sum of bop plu -perfect parts.  We
played Pat Metheny's "John Mckee" and "Diende." and watch out for a great
tune, Tony Williams, "Sister Cheryl."
Seattle vocalist,  LAURA WELLAND  is next with her new
projects a soft, charming,  very sultry center in her phrasing, much like
Blossom Dearie. She sings two very popular tunes that Dearie covered a time
ago, a medley, "I've Got A Crush/Dreamsville." and  added "Ridin High" with
Mike LeDonne doing his best impression of Milt Bruckner The first hour
concludes with the Kyle Asche Organ Trio from Chicago. We played the title
tune, "The Hook Up," a nice brisk little jam.
ALEX SIPIAGIN  begins the second hour of SAJS with new CD, RETURNING.
We played the tune on which Sipiagin displays remarkable alacrity with
saxophonist Seamus Blake. He displays the power and tonality of a Woody
Shaw. In fact , this tune is sort of a reincarnation of Shaw,
laced in  hard bop intensity.   Guitarist Adam Rogers
adds more decorum with bass player Scott Colley with Antonio Sanchez on
drums.  Rogers  makes more sense when you realize how much Metheny 's music
means  to Sipiagin, back in the U.S.S.R. , as indicated here with two
selections on this CD. Adam Rogers in guitar is steady and apparent however
Metheny's appeal offers added significance.  This is how subtle and
pervasive this music can be...
Sipiagin will take you back to those halcyon days of bi carbonate rays and
full color spectrum of niceties.
...  I fondly remember most of  those cloudy summer afternoons in Monterey
in the eighties, when  tripping on Metheny  bliss  on the beach at Asilimar.
Or, it
could be the big sky in Tampa,   or as   Sipiagin
goes, some way  in Russia.  Metheny has a mysterious universal  indicator
appeal in  this new Sipiagin CD.
Sipiagin will 'get you  lost' in the amazing tapestry
of RETURNING.   Adam Rogers "Pictures" is a wonderful
antecedent .
Dutch saxophonist TINEKE POSTMA  is next with her new
FOR THE RHYTHM CD.   We played "Summersong" where she
soars on soprano.   She's also an articulate alto
player on "Voyage." Tineke's tonal quality on Alto is plaintive, sad, yet
uplifting and pronounced.
Guitarist, Edoardo  Righini is highly regarded on the adjacent selection,
"Comprehension."  This is smoke filled ecstacy. 
 We squeezed in (what a squeeze) vocalist AMY BANKS from her newest, WHEN
THE  SUN COMES OUT,  between the
two selections  by Tineke Postma .   We played Phoebe
Snow's  "Poetry Man. " and soon you'll agree this young lady can sing,
especially with her torchy version of "When The Sun Comes Out."
Pyeng Threadgill  begins the last segment with new CD,
OF THE AIR.   She has the exploratory nature in her
music, much like her father, Henry Threadgill, as unique  in her own manner,
a conception, very contemporary and progressive with time elements that
blend and change with lyrical foreplay as in "Inner Lining" almost a light
Celtic ritualism.  And the very
sensual non entity beginning   into a cha-cha 
rhythmic  incantation in "Cater pillar Crossing," and
"Close To Me " a unique metaphor of love.   "Power
Play" sounds more  the same direction as  her father, vant gard and
structurally with brass in the
forefront and lyric, on top, in cadence.   We played
"Wishing Well" with very light accompaniment transforming to string ensemble
and airy light doo-wap
lyricism.   Then "Before Day" with a folksy lyric and
jazzy acoustic accompaniment. Interesting Priestly.
Pyeng Threadgill is an original , as much as Laura Nyro in her generation.
THE ONUS is next with their new TRIPHONY release.  A trio, clarinet, bass
and drums that blooms and meshes well. Treat this CD as a series of
movements, songs and dances with desultory Spanish influences with many
grand entrances and exits all connected with varied and pronounced rhythmic
structure. Sound confusing? 
Not really.  With THE ONUS you are about to embark on a unique musical
Odyssey with clarinetist, Daryl Harper, Butch Reed on drum and the very
important heart of this trio, bassist,  Mathew Parrish. We
played "Cariocas," basking in   Spanish avant gard
imagery. Invision two humorous disparate partners attempting to dance the
Lastly, not leastly,  as in Jason Priestly. Oops, there's goes those silly
play on words again- Tourettes Syndrome of the metaphor - I can't help
MARK O'CONNOR closes the show with his new CD, HOT
SWING TRIO   LIVE IN NEW YORK with  Frank Vignola on
guitar and Jon Burr on bass and it's a whole different story!
And mention Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt and you most definitely
have everyone's attention.  We played "Anniversary," incandescent  in it's
Mark O'Connor, America's foremost fiddler and  blue grass  sensation  and
guitarist,  Frank Vignola provide an excellent team for this music .
Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt?  Come on. For those of us who
haven't heard,  this is a real treat!
Finally, O'Connor's eulogy  to Claude "Fiddler"
Williams in "Fiddler Going Home" is simple, profound, Blue Grass and very
American. This is a beautiful CD. 
Mark O'Connor is an American original.

Dick Crockett
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Sacramento, Ca. 95819-4743

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