[JPL] PLAYLIST: The Return of the Jazz Clinic (Tribute to Jackie McLean & Don Alias)

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Program: The Jazz Clinic
Date: 04-01-2006 , 14:00 to 04-01-2006 , 18:00
Tribute to Jackie McLean & Don Alias

Miles Davis -- Miles Davis (United Artists - 1952) -- Woody 'n You
Jackie McLean -- Jackie's Bag (Blue Note - 1959) -- Quadrangle
Michael Carvin & Jackie McLean -- Antiquity (Inner City - 1974) -- Do I
Comahlee Ah
Charles Mingus -- Pithecanthropus Erectus -- Profile of Jackie
Jackie McLean -- A Fickle Sonance (Blue Note - 1959) -- A Fickle Sonance
Jackie McLean -- One Step Beyond (Blue Note - 1963) -- Blue Rondo
Sonny Clark -- Cool Struttin' (Blue Note - 1958) -- Cool Struttin'
Jaco Pastorius -- Jaco Pastorius (Epic - 1976) -- Okonkole y Trompa
Miles Davis -- Bitches Brew -- Spanish Key
Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra -- Dream Keeper -- Dream Keeper
Suite: Dream Keeper Part 1 (feat. Charlie Haden - bass); Feliciano Ama
(feat. Tom Harrell - trumpet); Dream Keeper Part II; Canto del Pilon I
(feat. Ken McIntyrre - alto sax, Don Alias - percussion)
Jaco Pastorius -- Jaco Pastorius (Epic - 1976) -- Donna Lee (feat. Don Alias
- congas)
Jaco Pastorius -- Jaco Pastorius (Epic - 1976) -- Come On Come Over
Ray Anderson -- Wishbone -- Ah Soca (feat. Don Alias)
Ray Anderson -- Wishbone -- Duke Ellington's Sound of Love
Chick Corea -- Tap Step -- Magic Carpet
Chick Corea -- Tap Step -- Magic Carpet (feat. Don Alias, Joe Farrell)
Elvin Jones -- Merry-Go-Round -- 'Round Town
Yosvany Terry Cabrera -- Metamorphosis -- Okonkole Concertante
David Schumacher -- Endangered Species -- 18th Hole (Mobley)
John McNeil -- East Coast Cool -- Wanwood
Horace Parlan -- Musically Yours -- Alone Together (Dietz/Schwartz)
Samo Salamon -- Two Hours -- Silence of the Poets
Goran Ivanovic -- s/t -- Seven Boats
Elvin Jones -- Merry-Go-Round -- Lungs/A Time For Love (feat. Joe Farrell -
Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra -- Days of Wine & Roses: Live at the Jazz
Standard -- Last Season (Frank Kimbrough - solo piano)/Comecar de Novo
(feat. Tim Ries - soprano sax)
Chris Potter -- Underground -- Yesterday (McCartney)
ICP Orchestra -- Aan & Uit -- Tijd voor de Quadrille
Chicago Underground Duo -- In Praise of Shadows -- Funeral of Dreams

Latest from Pittsburgh:

This Wednesday I presented the world-famous ICP Orchestra at Carnegie Mellon
to over 200 people from the campus and Pittsburgh community. Han Bennink and
Misha Mengelberg on the same stage are a trip. They did a vocal duet as
their second encore. You can view my comments and thoughts about this
concert and others at my blog: htttp://jazzclinic.blogspot.com. Then today I
did this big feature on Jackie McLean and Don Alias and tonight I presented
the Goran Ivanovic Group at the Underground at Carnegie Mellon (the main
venue I book).  If you are not hip to Goran, definitely check him out. He's
got a Balkan world/jazz vibe goin on.


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