[JPL] The Ridiculous: Rod Stewart sings Mel Torme, etc.

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
Sun Apr 2 01:13:24 EST 2006

For an interesting take on a veritable plethora of new jazz releases, 
some by artists of dubious pedigree, follow the link below.


Among the things you'll find out:

Madonna simultaneously studying jazz trombone and scientology.  Monk 
(not Adrian) recorded a collection of Beatles songs while on tour 
with the Giants of Jazz in 1971.

Ah the things one can learn by scouring the web endlessly and 
needlessly.  After reading some of these reviews you'll no doubt 
concur with me that the future of jazz is as secure as United 
Airlines' pension fund.

And be sure to check out


It's an MP3 of Charles Mingus and Kenny G.  First Louis Armstrong and 
now Mingus!  Is nothing sacred!!!

I guess it's just like the Bonzo Dog Band said.  Jazz: Delicious Hot, 
Disgusting Cold.

Back to lurker status.....

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