[JPL] Playlist: Sound of Surprise 4-2-06

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 2 20:04:58 EDT 2006

Sound of Surprise
Washington D.C.
Sundays 5-7 pm

Remembering Don Alias
1) Don Alias w/Jack DeJohnette-Jack In (Oneness)
2) Don Alias w/Rene Rosnes-Upa Neguinho (Ancestors)
3) Don Alias w/Hal Willner, et al-Reincarnations of a Love Bird/Haitian 
Fight Song (Weird Nightmare)
4) Don Alias w/Joni Mitchell-Don's Solo, Dreamland (Shadows and Light)
5) Don Alias w/Joe Lovano-Message For Blackwell (Tenor Legacy)

Remembering Jackie McLean
6) Jackie McLean-I Love You (Swing, Swang, Swingin')
7) Jackie McLean-Goin' Way Blues (Bluesnik)
8) Jackie McLean w/Miles Davis-Minor March (Milt and Miles)
9) Jackie McLean-My Old Flame (Consequence)
10) Jackie McLean-Blue Rondo (One Step Beyond)
11) Jackie McLean w/Sonny Clark-Blue Minor (Cool Struttin')
12) Jackie McLean-Appointment in Ghana (Jackie's Bag)
13) Jackie McLean-Old Gospel (Old and New Gospel)
14) Jackie McLean w/Freddie Redd-Who Killed Cock Robin (Music From The 
15) Jackie McLean w/Lee Morgan-Portrait of Doll (Infinity)
Host: Larry Appelbaum
jumpmonk at hotmail.com

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