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Bopndicks 20 Picks   April 2006

SF COLLECTIVE 2                    Nonesuch Records
“The Collective is what it is....classy modern jazz
performed by some of today’s great jazz artists,
Joshua Redman, leader and tenor saxophone, superb
pianist Renee Rosnes, Nicholas Payton, trumpet, Miquel
Zenon, alto saxophone, Bobby Hutcherson, today’s
greatest vibe player, Isaac Smith, trombone, Matt
Penman, bass and Eric Harland, drums.  These are all
‘catch on the fly’ live gatherings, full of the
extemporaneous performance we all love.  Lots of
Coltrane, mixed with an interesting version of 
Payton’s “Scrambled Eggs” with a taste of Monk, a
Redman jam, “Half Full, “ followed by Zenon’s “2 and
2" and other Coltrane’s and another Harland,
“Development.”  Expect to be lavishly entertained by
this world class Octet.

“Katche’ is in touch with ArtBlakey’s karma, and a
darma of  Euro magic men, Tomasz Stanko, Jan Garbarek
and the Continent’s sweetest smoking rhythm section
rounding out the magic with young Marcin Wasileweski
on piano and Slawomir Kurkiewicz. To say listen
carefully is a misnomer, but it’s to say, these young
gentlemen will entertain us in the Jazz New World
Order.   Not economic mind you!”

REVISITED      Mary Records
“A gracious piece of interpreted by pianist Geri
Allen, bassist Buster Williams and drummers Billy Hart
and Andrew Cyrille. Composed by Ms Williams in the
forties, first “Taurus” a strident blues figure, as
opposed to the ragtime  playful, “Gemini.” 
Each has their own special identity. And with Geri
Allen’s direction and capable hands, this all comes to
life just like the emancipated bebop forties.  Geri
does inspiration to those transporting times with 
Herbie Nichols “The Bebop Waltz“and Mary Lou William’s
own “Intermission” and a final “Thank You Madam .”  Ms
Allen presents a lasting  profile of a great jazz
artist with echos bebop post modern past perfect.”

“Where has this great jazz singer been the last thirty
years...No worry, for the great Bill Henderson is
right here and now with that same hip ebullient
swinging phrasing, years in front of the Basie band.
This guy’s a classic and you’ll hear it now like he
never left...
Been here all this time,  as time and place are one,
when you’re in  love, eons ago,   Henderson will guide
you through this complicated mess, your life,
“Daydream,” as Strayhorn would  do...”A Flower Is A
Lovesome Thing,” as a  Park Avenue blues that  only
Bobby Short and this man, Bill Henderson could do with
intimacy, refrain and poignancy. And he sings the
blues , he does it smooth, with “Never Make Your Move
Too Soon,” with a kind a flair that make the ‘O’Fay’
folks shout and stare. There are others on this CD
that only a special kind of lyrical vocalist could
employ.  If you haven’t  yet, make sure you secure
this momentous CD by a great entertainer.”

“This is so down the center lane hard bop that the
straight ahead flathead V-8's of bop are
smiling...There’s some heavies here, muscular George
Coleman on saxophone( so good he’ll make you squirm)
and multi reed player soulful Ron Blake, vibraphonist
Bobby Hutcherson with all the credentials to carry the
infinite to the extreme, he’s done it before, now he’s
down with Joey De...no syrupy romance here. There are
other heavyweights, trusted top drawer sidemen, 
guitarist  Jake Langley and Byron Landham on drums. 
This CD is drenched with a high beam circular 
refective center of Joey DeFrancesco, his soul, his
life,  as you hear “I Thought About You,” you’ll
remember those good ole nowadays, yesterdays and
immediate here-afters.”

Palmetto Records
“A steller solo performance ,another triumph, for this
more than establishes Hersch as a another great
American jazz pianist and composure, so one on one
with the audience, that  you think you’re one a few
special people invited to this live performance at the
Bimhaus. This what a man in total command of his
material can do, starting with a Manhattan melodic
sway, “The Lark,” so pristine in upper key range as
the whole piano comes to vivid life like Van Gogh in
you brain. 
Then he slides through as few personal standards, one
of my favorites, Jimmy Rowles, “The Peacocks.” This is
like inviting a few close friends over to the house
and Fred was one of the guests and unannounced he sits
at the Steinway next to the the large window adjacent
to, as the night lights reflect off the patio and
plays,  as your friends are hypnotized as you in
silent meditation til the end.” 

“The greatest yet from this young very talented dynamo
from Columbus Ohio, same as Nancy Wilson.  You may
remember  the outing of Wilson and eventual impact... 
for this McDougald is a very different post modern
vocalist in command of her material fused with the
exciting Dan Cray Trio. They’re Chicago’s mark of
another new jazz thing, as Kurt Elling and Patricia
Barber so answered before them. Just wait til you hear
this and you’ll know for certain how good this
combustible trio and singer  as a“Pat and Mike”
scenario,” Katherine Hepburn and William Tracy . The
electricity’s all here and you’ll hear it in the
scenario of this young vocalist and this very talented
pianist as they via back and forth an interchange,
both challenging, controversial and 
scintillating...with “Spring Is Here,” Lullaby Of The
Leaves,” “Slow Boat To China” with jitterbug
“What’s New” is a total refrain with Erin’s high end
perfectly hip Celtic symbolism, accompanied by
incredible bass lines of Clark Summers. Listen to the
dicotomy, between the two...  Pure love. Then her own
”Sing Me The Blues” is not gut throat shout, more a
Dorothy Parker ironic view.
You were  there, 
I was too. 
Too encumbered to talk about.
The subtleties are what make this music so great! 
And you’ll be drawn to a texture of harmonious blue,
what a few knew an existential view
an Albert Camus 
raises Erin’s a new,
a combustible  chemistry 
with the Dan Cray Trio 
is what this is about .”

Rounders Records
“There are those with the ‘feel.’ Michael Carvin has
the ‘feel’ for hard bop. It’s a touch that you cannot
duplicate. It’s in the fiber of the  being and that’s
the way it is with drummer Michael Carvin. It bleeds
all over this CD with a rambunctious version of ‘The
Lamp Is Low,’ you hear the steady traps, a late night
tribute to an after hours glow a dance club tribute to
the hot bodies in a smoke filled room an ambiance 
Carvin learned and worked with the  Motown gang in LA
for years and then settled down to the music in North
Carolina and teaching drummers the ‘feel.’
There are classic R&B favorites here with ‘Prisoner Of
Love/Body and Soul’ medley with saxophonist Marcus
Strickland and a guest appearance by Branford
Marsalis, reminding us of those slow smooch days of
the sixties  with Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis and Johnny
Griffin.   Once you get the handle on this CD you’re
hooked,....you’re absolutely hooked. Then you’re 
blessed with one of the all time best versions of
Charles Lloyd’s “Forest Flower.”  This is really late
night as Michael Carvin embellishes your every lost
love that comes to your savoy mind with endless
brushes of time and space, chronology and grace.   I
was especially struck dumbfounded by this version, for
this is very modern old school. It’s more than
memorable , sinking in your soul, as if the music of
the Universe will endlessly transverse like this...”

CHRIS POTTER         UNDERGROUND        Sunnyside
“Potter’s the most laid back,  up front of today’s
post modern funk sooth sayers, that’s what the
desolate groovy Manhattan canyons will do for you.   A
forlorn mellow funkiness,  those crazies will do to
you. Blend in a Rhodes blender along with the upper
East sider and you have a sojourn with a soda jerk, a
perk with  quirk, a fifty Merc with a bubble skirt
from Wyomissing.  A lurking regenerative working for
it’s amazing what Potter can do with all cylinders of
your sleek standard type quartet in deft com speeding
and  working... “

“Motian has two saxophones and three guitars working
this band of sweet Motian mirthings with Charles
Mingus magic, 
Monk among other Motians. It’s all very enigmatic and
What would the Gods say if Prometheus wasn’t 
Portend was pretentious and Hortense was emblematic to
ethers of a higher consciousness, where Motian blends
the  brew on this “Garden Of Eden” worth the
undertaking, so Gideon and King James pay attention.
There’s much more here, then  a stroll down memory
lane with ‘Bill,” then ‘endless’ and other more
provocative movies. One man’s treasure is another
man’s trash, as we listen for Godot  from a dumpster, 
inspecting  another one’s stash.”

ADDERLEY      www.docstewart.com
“If Chris Stewart was the surgeon  I needed for an
operation, I’d recommend to Dr Stewart that he play
this CD on the loud speakers , whilst operating. For I
feel his expert reconnoitering on alto saxophone those
great heady days of the sixties and the Cannonball era
which is all  over this new  PHOENIX. Please go with
me on this herer I am an unimportant cog in the
everyday wheel of trivial pursuits. I’m laying there
But I knew, counting backwards 10 - 9 - 8...that I
knew going in , they’ d be jamming on this CD and the
doctor’s scalpel was  clear and concise as his work on
Alto Saxophone, then I’d be confident in Cannonball
heaven going in...
The bliss would be waking up in the recovery room to
“Stars Fell On Alabama.” 
Then I’d ask the doctor , did you listen to the killer
tune “Domination “ at least twice during the operation
and if he nodded and smiled , then I’d be in total
Cannonball heaven.”

MONTGOMERY       Blue Note 
“This is Martino,  thumbing a ride on the Montgomery
megaton maxillary. But dear friends he never loses his
personal identity amongst the Montgomery mystique. 
The only drawback is....this is not standard today
technology! Was it intentional? Is Pat Martino
remembering those years of his special life and trying
to duplicate similar ambiance?
Sound as though this recording was made with ‘way back
then’ in mind. There are some expert players here.
Dave Kikoski doing the best Wynton Kelly in years.
John Pattitucci doing the best Paul Chambers/Monk
Montgomery - Patittucci in year. Suggestion: Listen to
Pat Martino’s “El Hombre” on Prestige and this’ll make
more sense.”

“The kind of stuff I’d hear on the Jim Rockwell show,
from a top of the Sheraton Cadillac in downtown
Detroit, circa 1961.  Cotsirolis creates the nostalgia
that Johnny Smith and Tal Farlow delivered on the jazz
scene in the fifties and sixties. smooth, open  and
unencumbered....for young Marlon Brando and James
Dean. And
delivers on record.”

“There’s provocative energy here with   Pieranunzi -
Johnson and Joey Baron. Don’t mistaken piano for jazz
for this is more jazz with references to Bill Evans.
Jackie Byard and George Shearing.   
You may think I’m crazy...
There’s a lot of organic chemistry going on here!
This ain’t hype for the good writers know 
take it slow and easy like good sex
and it’ll all pose for a  view
on the late - late show.”

CHRISTIAN SCOTT        REWIND THAT             Concord
“Scott’s smooth  trumpet  delving into Miles soft
tonalities in post modern sensualities ,  a blending
of hard bop textures as in “Rejection,” with harmonies
that are smooth and woven to a chordal conglomeration
of saxophones, Walter Smith III and Donald Harrison. 
Scott’s tone in totally unpretentious and original
with an energized rhythm contingent, Zaccai Curtis-
Rhodes, Lugues Curtis on bass and Thomas Pridgen,
drums.  The music is driven by an essential core of
this group and the melding of this sound, an extension
of Christian Scott and the group. This CD is a fine
mix of rich colorations and a  sophisticated modern
bottom.   Scott’s trumpet playing shows considerable
depth with subtle NOLA nuance and a salty  soul/bop
temper. “

JIM ROTUNDI           IRON MAN          Criss- Cross
“There’s a realism when Criss -Cross comes to a hard
bop state of  mind. So much great music was happening
in the late fifties-sixties and to bring it to higher
state as Jim Rotundi who commands his trumpet with the
best of them and others here have done...  Jimmy
Greene is an explosive soulful player in the Hank
Mobley tradition. And when  I hear vibraphonist Steve
Nelson here, I think of those free soulfuyl open
spaces the Lem Winchester used to travel and rhythms
supplied by Doug Weiss on bass and the stalwart,  Bill
Stewart on drums.  
What you hear is mythology, magic and  a blast from
the past with the ever post modern  Jim Rotundi as
others are able to create  their own music for  our

FALLEN ANGEL        Sons Of Sound
“A collection of themes from film noir classics. Film
Noir music in romantic, melodic and other times
dramatic, with strong recurring themes  that have
added ambience to the film.   This is the first in a
long time.  There was a time when jazz musicians used
to release this material fairly regular basis, Duke
Ellington and “Anatomy Of A Murder” comes to mind.
There’s a very sophisticated tone to this new CD with
interpretrations on themes from “Body Heat,” “Diva,”
“Mulholland Falls” and Tomasz Stanko’s “A Farewell To
Maria.” The nostalgia reflected in this music is
prescient and refreshing...”

The Air Records
“From film noir we move to art deco and magic with
Lawrence of San Fernando. Whatever you do, don’t call
her Larry. I not going to ask. She may be related to
the infamous Art Lebo. Dispensing with the word play,
she has that classic jazz embolic style as she cavorts
with the violin and guitar and those savoy stylings.
She can morph into a Cab Calloway  movie, a featured
singer in a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical.  Ms
Lebo is a lovely traditionalist spinning melodies
haven’t heard quite like this since those romantic,
turbulent thirties and forties.” 

PAUL ANKA       ROCK SWINGS            Verve Music
“This is a special Paul Anka as he interposes classic
rock songs into a big band format. It’s the Bobby
Darin Show all over again.   There’s and accompanying
DVD of Paul Anka at the Montreal. Jazz Festival that
really seals this CD in the ‘hearts and minds’ so to
speak. And this ain’t double speak as you’ll note when
you hear and see this marvelous new Anka invention.
Special acknowledgment goes to the Lone Arrangers,
Randy Kerber, Patrick Williams and John Clayton to
music of Curt Cobain, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson,
Eric Clapton and others.   
My favorite is “Smells Like Team Spirit.” It swings
from the fifties Billy Mays/Frank Sinatra lighthouse
of forever swinging...As the Bobby Darin swinging high
a top the  NBC building. Where King Kong would
roustabout and dance with the Nichols Brothers to the
high heavens.   “Rock Swings” is definitely an ought
five finger snapper!!!”

RUDY VAN GELDER REMASTERS          Concord Music Group

“Ten special hard bop fifties/sixties Prestige Record
classics. Each Cd has the original album cover art
work with original liner notes, including  updated
Hold the jewel cases in your hand and you feel the
difference. “Out There” with Eric Dolphy, “Boss Tenor”
with Gene Ammons, “Lush Life” with John Coltrane,
“Relaxin” with the Miles Davis Quintet, “Colossus”
with Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins “The Hawk
Relaxes,” Red Garland,  “Red Garland’s Piano,” Kenny
Dorham, “Quiet Kenny,” “Django” with MJQ and Kenny
Burrell & John Coltrane.
Originally ,Rudy Van Gelder engineered these
recordings and had the opportunity some fifty years 
later  to remaster these special sessions. These are
collector gems for any discerning jazz fan.”

Dick Crockett
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